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3 months ago
It’s a very cool game. Excellent theme. Some shots can be clunky and hitting the right side of the playfield is tough as you can’t settle the ball on the left flipper due to the pop bumper.

Would love to own one but the pricing is getting wild!
1 year ago
Fun, smooth shooting layout. Lots of code and things to do in the game. Great theme too. Make sure you try it with the latest code.

The main thing I would rag on is the telekinesis lock is a pretty badly designed mech
1 year ago
Good Gomez layout. Shots are satisfying, humor and toys are great. Not enough code or challenge to make me come back to this game. Top 100 game for sure
1 year ago
Where to start, the callouts/play by play are great. Otherwise it sounds like 5 guys playing pickup at the YMCA. The magnet from goldeneye, pointless spinning disc. Not much to shoot at.

You can tell stern rushed this.
1 year ago
I am a huge Goldeneye fan. This game pays respects to the movie quite well. The shots are fun. Great toys with the satellite, trap door, gun, and magnasave. I wish the modes had more reward for completing them, or any reward at all. I also wish there were more modes.

That being said, the wizard mode is tricky to get to but satisfying when you do.

I made a pinsound mix with remastered callouts, music, sfx so that also helps with the theme.
2 years ago
Not much to say. Poor shots. Not fun. Game just felt cheap. I think I have said it before but the flipper buttons just feel cheap. Pinball is liked and appreciated because of the physical connection of the player to the actual game. The more you cheap out, the more distant you feel from the game itself.
3 years ago
Solid game, nice layout. Good ruleset. Fun shots. Not a fan of the bobble head bash toy.
3 years ago
Seemed to play pretty good, wasn't blown away by the shots or playfield design. The music, art, and animations are great. The ship is a cool toy/feature.
3 years ago
it’s an alright game, the character modes are al too similar and the shots aren’t that satisfying. The geometry of this game just feels off. The code depth is there but just didn’t give me the fun factor.
3 years ago
For me there was nothing cohesive with the game. The shots are ok, the art is not that great. I found it tough to figure out where to shoot, and completing modes did not leave me satisfied. The overall animation did not look that great. This is a step down from Houdini and you would expect it to be a step up.

If i had to give it a plus I would say the play field layout is unique and has potential.
3 years ago
Great game, love the premium art package. Excellent code, game play, even if you don't like the music. Not fully sold on the middle scoops or the sarcophagus lock when compared to the paired down pro.
3 years ago
I am not an Iron Maiden fan but I am an Iron Maiden Pinball fan. O.K tunes, amazing art, layout, design, playability, lastability complex , developed and deep code. This game code mixes elements of many of the top pins (next gen, metallica, high speed, TWD, etc).

Not much else to say, arguably Stern's best.
3 years ago
Great shots, flow, modes. Unique layout. Calls outs are funny. Plays like what a wide body should be. The only downsides are the repetitive music and the amount of maintenance and lack of specific parts, as well the modes all feel very similar and the left ramp is too easy and not satisfying to hit.
3 years ago
Way more flashy and bright compared to the classic IM. Fast and furious gameplay which is a good compliment in a collection of a few slower games. Not too much to fault the game, you could rag on the animations and callouts a bit but overall its a solid game from stern.
3 years ago
This game kicks my butt. Aside from the tough drains, the game is a pretty good all around package.
3 years ago
Nothing bad but also nothing that really stood out for me. I’ll have to play this again sometime to give it another shot,
3 years ago
Unique shots, theme. Underplay-field is cool. Lots of variation and unique layout. They put a lot into this machine. Great game. Deserves its spot in the top 100
3 years ago
Unique theme and layout. I really like the ball lock mech/toy. Nice features put in here and there. As many have said, the shots are quite tight. This is not an easy game. I wasn't too impressed with the animations and callouts. I didn't feel as connected to the theme as i thought I would be.
3 years ago
I want to like this game more, but there isnt much here. I like star wars and episode one, but its hard to give points to any pinball related features such as code or toys
3 years ago
One of the best wide body designs I have seen. The game doesn't play like a slow widebody. Upper playfield is fun. Lots to shoot at. The game gives off that cheaper data east feel when it comes to artwork and sounds. Ruleset is decent from its era. Great 90s theme.
3 years ago
Super fast game, supercharger is great. Sounds and theme are amazing. Solid game. One of the few older B/W games that I really agree with where it stands in the top 100
3 years ago
Lots of toys,features, unique theme. Cool how it keeps stats of the fighters. I think It would be great in a big collection but with the lack of depth of game play and repetitiveness, it has limited lasting power in a smaller collection.
3 years ago
Underrated game, multiple modes, 1 main wizard mode and 2 others. The toys and gimmicks are definitely there with the slot machine and the roulette wheel. It’s got a mini video mode with the high-Lo game and there’s a lot of dmd interaction.

The music and call outs are pretty cheesy and dates itself very hard because of it. Were casinos really like that?

Stern packed a lot into this game. Keefer code is solid.
4 years ago
There wasn't that much to shoot at and seemed very repetitive. Multiball modes were uninspiring Not the game or theme for me.
4 years ago
Lots of different shots, unique theme. I only played a couple of games but I get the feeling that this is an underrated stern pin.
4 years ago
Not a bad game for what it is. Neat theme, I liked the sounds and the shots. definitely worth some loonies/quarters in the wild
4 years ago
Very unique theme integration. Great style. This game has aged like a fine wine. Many unique things going on with this pin. We played 2 linked games and it was a blast.
4 years ago
Coming as a TFTC owner, Tommy seems to have a recycled layout and mechanics. As a music pin, this game suffers from its age more than others. The "blind" feature is pretty cool.
4 years ago
Fun "B" theme game. Lots to shoot at, and overall a great flowing game. Good ruleset. I love the dolphin sounds. Artwork is ok. Music is decent for the time. Definitely underrated
4 years ago
Nothing really excited me on the pin. Hulk bash toy is neat but doesn't draw me back in. Not much for ramps and the upper play field is barely that. The hulk design and color scheme is great and creative but I wouldn't go back to this pin
4 years ago
Deep code, good stacking. Fun bash toys. Great shots. All around solid game. Stern knocked it out of the park with this machine. Crossbow is a little silly but doesn't take away from the experience.
4 years ago
Great art music and sound package. The angle of the flippers seemed off and the center shot seemed awkward and difficult for each flippers. Couldn’t get into the game. I will come back to this if I get the chance.
4 years ago
Cool sounds, fast game, great lighting. Unique features. However I feel like this game plays too fast for itself. I wish the core didn't take so much space. The bottom part of the playfield seems too small because the ball is flying around like crazy. Don't get me wrong, I like fast pins but this just didn't feel right. Very rinse and repeat gameplay. Not for me I guess.
4 years ago
In the everlasting debate over stern pro/premiums, I would have to give the premium/le more marks here, the left side upkicker sets up your shots more and the extra features and lights add more immersion. Solid game all around. The code is there but its very rinse and repeat after the first kobiashi wizard mode but that's just being picky.
4 years ago
I am not a metallica fan but I am a fan of this pin. Shots, artwork, sounds, music. Great package.
4 years ago
unique design for sure. Has the typical gottlieb clunkiness of the era.One of the worst video modes I have ever seen, but I guess it was 1992. There isnt much flow or depth to this game. The back part of the play field is almost completely blocked off and unused. I would never want to own this and only sunk money into it as it was the only pin in the joint.
4 years ago
This is a fun and silly game. A good variety of shots and great toys with the gophers. Arguably one of the best theme integrations in pinball. You can definitely see Pat L in this game. Hole in one shot is a great challenge and really rewarding. I can't say too many negative things. I think its earned its spot on the top 100.
4 years ago
Fun shots, great layout, some of the best callouts in pinball. The castle is one of my favorite toys of all time. This game lacks in code depth for me.
4 years ago
Ridiculous amount of shots. Balrog, and tower toys, ring magnet. Very deep code. Plays smooth and fast. Deserves its spot in the top 10. I took away marks for the animations and sound but they are still above average.
4 years ago
Great game with lots of strategy and variation. Hyperspace loop is a unique addition and great challenge. The Tie fighter toy isn't great. Not a gigantic fan of the voice callouts but the movie clips and sound make up for it. This is a very punishing but very rewarding game.

Fast forwad a few months, just boosting the score due to the strategy and stacking. Lot's of things to come back to and a good challenge once dialed in. Again, its very punishing, but you only have yourself to blame for missing those shots!
4 years ago
SW pro is a great game. The flow is super fast and the game rewards this kind of play. The drains are also just as fast so it has a good risk/reward profile. Unfortunately I have to compare this to the Premium I would argue that the shots are too easy on the pro. There are no interactive toys. I wouldn't call the tie fighter anything more than a stand up target with a spring. At least Got has a dragon that moves and spits the ball ball back at you. No excuses there stern. I do not like the translite art. Also forgot to mention the code and strategy is very deep and Steve and the design team have outdone themselves.
4 years ago
After the new code, I needed to make a new review. Lots of extra sounds and modes. Its a pretty solid game.
4 years ago
I like the variation of modes and the layout of the pin. Lots to shoot at. Sinking the ship is super cool. Well designed pin. Not sure why its not rated higher.

Ownership update: This game represents an era before stern started to cheap out on their designs. The spinning port royal/tortuga ball locking toy is awesome and super satisfying to make. Sound design is great. Ramp is fast and flowy. Has a chest that opens and closes. Jack the monkey shot is super fun. The ship is the best toy since the MM castle. The modes are sometimes imbalanced when it comes to ease of completing the compass missions but still challenging enough to keep you going. Great game for home use and for a variety of new and experienced players.
4 years ago
I was surprised I actually enjoyed this one. Not as deep as other newer games, but what do you expect. Fun ramps and shots. Definitely would sink some money into one on location
4 years ago
I really like the sounds and the theme. Most games played on this are alot of fun. Enjoy the bash toys and the magnet. Killing zombies is always a good time.
4 years ago
You can tell they really thought about the design for this pin. Shooting the garage "bash" toy to get into the living room, then locking the balls on the couch. It feels like you really are in Springfield as you move around the play field. I am a big Simpsons fan so I am really enjoying the machine. If this game was made now, it would be an LE as it is jammed packed with toys and features.

Really fun game. You can stack almost any mode, shots are great. The only cons I would give is that the music is not great IMO. As well, the left side of the play field is much slower than the right.

Really good game so far and I am just sinking my teeth into it.

6 month update:

The code and depth in this game is massive and although I have reached wizard mode, I have yet to complete it. This game has a nice balance of difficulty and fun, as well as fairness. The stacking of modes is almost unmatched and makes for huge memorable games. There are many features and modes that are almost "spoilers" but the people reading the review should know that what was put into the rom set on this game was absolutely huge.

Final update:
I owned this game for just under 2 years. The amount of depth and stacking in the game is crazy. As a reviewer added above, the issue with the game is that unless you are an insane pro player, you will never see the final wizard mode. Additionally, the progress towards this wizard mode is not very linear, it is very much a grind to complete each mini wizard mode. Don't get me wrong, simpsons is an amazing game and great for a collection small or large but IMO I don't think it is worth the time to master.
4 years ago
Variety of shots, fast ramps, cool theme. Nice features. Love the artwork and callouts. Sounds and music are cool. Very nice game!
4 years ago
This game really takes the good points of STTNG and provides longer ball time. Fast play, fun shots. Really cool sounds. Animations and artwork could be better
4 years ago
After playing this game for the first time, I can see why its king. Great shots, great humor, trolls, catapults, awesome animation and sounds. Really the whole package. Had to edit my rating as the code (for me) is not very deep.
4 years ago
Really cool game and I would love to own one somday. The lighting is amazing. Unfortunately all 3 machines I have played have had some sort of major technical issue that ended my game early.
4 years ago
The layout wasn't really working for me. The extra flippers didn't do much for adding value to the gameplay. The game was repetitive with the constant "find the acid" "find jonesy". Sounds and animations/video were great.
5 years ago
Great package. Shots are a tone of fun. The lamp spinner and genie are great toys. Unique theme. Love the magnets and the ball saves. Friggen awesome! Many pins in the top 100 don't deserve to be there. This one does for sure!
5 years ago
I liked it. Unique theme, fun shots. Too much gottlieb hate on these reviews
5 years ago
First off, I am a big street fighter 2 fan. This pin has great music and IMO represents and captures the theme fairy well. The only problem is that it is a gottleib machine. I think the machine is great for the right price but a few things could make the game go a long way. Here are my cons with the machine

-No auto launch for multi ball
-No ball save/timer for multiball
-Only two ball multiball (not considering torpedo as its more rare)
-Animations are piss poor
-Callouts aren't great.

-Good game for the price
-Cool theme
-Great level of challenge/fun
-Tricky shots
5 years ago
Not a bad game, The play field seemed a little sparse. Not much else to say!
5 years ago
I'm not a music/band theme person. I was really hooked on Metallica, so compared to that.. this pin falls short.
5 years ago
Had to update the rating. BSD is still an asskicker but the shots are quite satisfying and the strategy and gameplay is definitely there. The callouts are actually quite top notch and fit the movie and theme well.
5 years ago
Unique theme and gameplay. Shots are fun and satisfying. Quality of animations and music are top notch. If there is any time I get a chance to play this machine again, trust me, I will be playing it.

Quick ownership update - deep enough code and modes. Good mix of challenge. Lots of fun shots. Excellent game! The QED guy is a big annoyance for me and the sim and middle ramp shots could have been done better
5 years ago
Had to update my review - after playing it side by side a pro, this game does shine quite well. The lights alone are worth the updgrade and change the feel of the game. Rule wise it seems a bit easier than the pro but both games are great. Everyone should get a chance to play and enjoy this game. The latest code update from stern is great as well.
5 years ago
Cool widebody design. Really is the poor man's star trek with the 3 ramps. 20x bonus is a little imbalanced. The ball lock is pretty sweet. The game is fun but I'm not sure if it has the lastability.
5 years ago
Great theme, fun and satisfying shots. The T-rex eats the ball!
5 years ago
I had fun on this pin. The callouts are funny and it does well to capture the Family guy theme. Upper playfield is unique and I enjoyed that. Sweet pin!
5 years ago
This was a dud. The toys look like paper planes and helicopters.
5 years ago
Basic game play but it has a neat theme and a lot of fun .

Build quality is not up to part with other manufacturers

After owning it for a few months, the callouts started to get on my nerves. Due to the repetition the game doesn't serve well in a small collection which is ultimately why I had to let it go.
5 years ago
not for me
5 years ago
Lots of toys, good sounds. Good layout. Theme just doesn't do it for me
5 years ago
Bash toy/toy chest is a very cool and unique gimmick. Magnasaves are super cool. Ramps are satisfying. Lots going on here. Theme is great too.
5 years ago
Cool pinball theme that comes together well. Fun shots to hit. I would like to own this one some day.
5 years ago
Two month ownership update:

The game is still friggen awesome. Theme integrates perfectly and the voice acting callouts are great. The game has humor and takes me back to the 90's when I was watching the show. The shots are satisfying with a good variety. The ball launch option modes are a nice touch. The laser cannon mod is awesome and is a must. The different modes are great but my favorite by far is the battle simulation. Ramps, spinner, pop entry lanes are great. The design of this game was simply amazing. Downside, yes is the outlanes -even with the extenders , the game is punishing. Wizard mode is tough but, not too tough to achieve. The leadup to borg multiball is excellent.

4 month update:
The drains are pretty crazy on this machine reducing some of the fun factor.

Last update: The total fun factor wasn't there for me to keep it. The drains were just too rough. I feel like this is a good pin to train on but its not a keeper IMO.
5 years ago
Really cool game with lots of depth and features. So much stuff going on (upper magnetic playfield, some weird clock, gumball lock) Really cool pin. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did! If only the price was decent
5 years ago
This game had great flow and lots of cool shots to hit. Neat toys. I was hoping for more modes/missions and found that I couldn't really figure out the rules while I was playing. I would own this one!
5 years ago
Not much going on with this pin. The music and callouts are great but the game is too basic to get me into it.
5 years ago
I didn't think this game was going to be good. I loved it! Great gameplay and cool execution of the soccer theme. I love the assist feature and the goalie/goal scoring toys. I want to get this one in my collection. The backglass looks terrible with that stupid looking dog, and probably doesnt get rated as good as it should because of it.
5 years ago
Fun game with lots of cool features. Upper playfield is blast! The lane switching is a cool feature. The playfield has so much variety and shots to hit. Great game. I would want to own this one!
5 years ago
Fun game to play. Great concept. Really neat pin with the video overlay. The game was really dark and my eyes were starting to strain pretty quickly. Artwork was cool and interacting with the screen was a lot of fun.
5 years ago
I thought I wasn't going to like this one but it surprised me! The ramps are a blast to hit. Artwork is great. Gameplay was fun. The sounds and music seemed at little weak. There are no toys aside from the cool locking mech! I would like this one in my collection
5 years ago
Had to update my rating. Aesthetically the game is great, however the shots, modes, and code are not too exciting. The multiball modes seemed very repetitive and progressing through the game and modes wasn't very satisfying. Still a good game, but not a great game IMO.
5 years ago
Really good sounds, play field layout, modes to complete. The subways/tunnels are cool. Thing toy is neat. There's not as much depth as I expected here and the animations aren't great. I wouldn't want to own this one. Doesn't make me come back to it. It was ahead of its time for sure
5 years ago
Gameplay was decent. Not sold on the theme. At all. I'm a pretty big BH fan but I don't think it translates to the pin very well. The bash toy is great but I don't think you can create a pin around an arcade concept like shooting deer. The scoring was a little low for me too.
5 years ago
I always liked playing this and the callouts are great.
5 years ago
Really cool theme. Choosing your house and completing the missions is a lot of fun. Great little features that keep you engaged. The voice callouts are great too. If you are a fan of the series you will like this pin. The game rewards fast gameplay in almost all of the modes/missions. Buying stuff with gold is great and the prize reel via the pop bumper area is enjoyable. The artwork leaves a little to be desired.I think this needs another code update because the scoring needs some adjusting as its too exponential. This game has the absolute best use of color changing LED's, and really enables the code depth. Very underrated and unappreciated.

The new code update from Stern is a great addition and adds more strategy and variety.
5 years ago
Fun skill shot, top roll switches/scoring is quite fun. The flipper gap feature is pretty cool. Had lots of fun on this one.
5 years ago
Cool theme, love the magnet and the toys. There was too many drains for me to get into it.
5 years ago
Lots of depth in the game-play and a great theme that comes together really well. Not much else to say. One of the best games ever made
5 years ago
The DMD interaction is neat and the wrecking ball toy is creative. I'm not convinced I would come back for more as the lasting "draw" isn't there for me.
5 years ago
This game has a good flow, and the two spinners are great. The center hole/bonus randomizer is great and that double bonus is awesome! Drop targets are a hoot.
5 years ago
Pros:Challenging, yet fun game. The creature features make you work the entire play field. Wizard mode is hard to get but very satisfying. The artwork is excellent. Shaker motor is a nice feature. Callouts are great. Music and sound in general are awesome.

Cons: The crypt/scoop shot to activate the features is quite hard to hit and limits some of the fun factor for beginners. The crypt jam music is great but hard to hear over the 6 ball multiball. Some of the modes/features are imbalanced. CJ has been hit more times than monster jackpot, so I wish that was tweaked a bit better as monster jackpot also has some awesome music. Playing the organ is way too hard to get. Also, the video mode is essentially unbeatable


There are many pins out there that have the classic ball lock, rinse repeat but this game utilizes the tombstone bash toy to start the main multi ball. Once you lower the tombstone and hit the shot, there's a kickass animation of the player heading into the vault, the whole time the game is rumbling from the shaker. That is how you lead up to a multi ball. Hit the jackpot, a zombie gets sawed in the face with a data east branded chainsaw. Friggen A! Just a single jackpot mode? Nope. Gotta hit your Double jackpot mode now. Ok, now you're good. Nah, friggen Monster jackpot! The whole time you have chances to add balls.

Multiple multi ball modes, ripping spinners, hitting ramps, captive balls, cool animations and sounds.. the more pins I play on location the better I realize this game is.

Definitely an underrated game. I will miss this game