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6 months ago
Keith's games are just some of the best!
1 year ago
If you can look beyond the theme and artwork, this is a solid pin. Shoots great and lots of fun.
1 year ago
Not a Maiden fan at all, but really enjoyed this game a lot. Great layout and fantastic gameplay.

updated: ended up buying a premium. This is a brutal game that keeps you coming back for more. Music has grown on me, it's a great soundtrack for pinball.
5 years ago
Played this a few times at the old baltimore pin museum. Could not get into it at all. Maybe it gets better the more you play it. I do give it points for trying something different.
5 years ago
after years of owning this pin, I still enjoy playing it.
8 years ago
one of my favorites, right up there with whirlwind!
8 years ago
Played this and was not really impressed compared to how people rave about it.
It was a fine machine, but nothing worth the asking price
8 years ago
Love this game, one of my favorites
8 years ago
This game gets better the more you play it and the more you understand the rules.
Stacking multi-balls is really fun.
8 years ago
Really fun game, has something for pro players and casual ones.
Easy to pick up and play, but also a decent rule set.
8 years ago
Played the hell out of this machine in college when it first came out. It's one of my favorites and the first pin I have purchased for my home. Simple rules, easy to pick up, just plain fun