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12 months ago
Having owned a JP Pro for around a month now, I have to put this at the top of my list. As noted by many, the diversity of shots and depth of gameplay is superb. It plays very, very fast, which is fun and results in games that go by quickly (but very satisfying when played well). The Jurassic theme music is iconic and unlike some, I do not mind the animations on the screen (in lieu of actual movie footage).

The closest game that I have deep experience with to this is my LoTR LE machine. While I still prefer the incredible theming and beautiful playfield of LoTR, I have to say that the actual gameplay of JP is better, given the incredible shot variety. Overall, absolutely one of the best recent games.
2 years ago
The mini game is very fun for casual play — it gives something to go after beyond just the basics of most game.
2 years ago
Rightfully so, the music just makes this game fun to play.
2 years ago
I want to like this game, but just can’t get into it. The game play itself is fine, but I find the game sparse and minimal. While the game play is smooth and obviously immensely update, I actually prefer the 1992 Data East Star Wars over the new Stern.
2 years ago
Wide body game play is very smooth and enjoyable. This game is complex to learn but enjoyable along the way.
2 years ago
Easily the best game I’ve played...once you understand the deep rule set. The LE with color DMD and added figurines is beautiful, and I love the soft lighting throughout the machine. I consider this machine the pinnacle of pinball!
3 years ago
With upgrades on the ROM, led lights and Pinsound, this game is incredibly fun and well themed. Game play isn’t as smooth as newer games, but people gravitate toward the theming and easy game play.