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1 year ago
This does not feel like a Ritchie pin at all. Wide open playfield with tons of drops, and upper playfield with an interesting toy. Game has a lot going on, and can be a turn off for casual players, as the rules are very deep, and time to understand what is going on. Translight is not the best, rest of the art is ok, lighting is serviceable and call outs and dmd animations get the job done. Multiple wizard modes is a big plus.

Game is definitely geared towards players.
1 year ago
Nice layout, and one of the faster games by Gomez. The sound package on this game is amazing, and adding in a ColorDMD is a huge bonus, especially for the movie clips. Lighting could be better, as some of the playfield feels dark, and there isn't much in terms of GI. The "modern" Transformers may turn some people off, but I really enjoy the theme, and appreciate the use of some sound and music from the original 80's series. The toys, on the playfield are just that, off the shelf toys. They look cheap, but serve their purpose in locating shots.
1 year ago
Mick on a stick, isn't as bad as most people make it out to be. He's gotta be the most random feature seen in a game. Blocking shots, and then not being able to hit him cause he moved at the last second. The sound and art package are spot on for the band, and make for a nice looking game. Gameplay is fairly fast, and ball times are relatively short, which may turn off some people.
1 year ago
One of the most odd layouts ever, and the dual outlane drains, and dual center lanes between the flippers make sure you'll be using your nudging skills a lot. Game is very stop and go, and plays unlike other titles in my collection. Game is deep enough, that the missing wizard mode really has no effect on the progression. Theme, sounds, music and call outs all reflect the show perfectly, so if you can't stand the show or it's hosts, then stay clear. Otherwise, nice playing game.
1 year ago
Not a bad title from Sega, lots to shoot for. Lower right side of playfield seems crowded. Automated shark flipper is a nice touch, even if it's ripped off from Addams Family. Sounds are ok, nothing special. Cab and playfield are nice, and the game benefits from LED lighting.
1 year ago
Not sure if it's due to the LED's in the machine, but holy hell is it ever seizure inducing during multiball start-up and RED mode. Awesome theme, great backbox feature in the RPG, some nice callouts that get very, very repetitive. Love the theme and the playfield layout, also enjoy the RED mode on this. May have to test out lighting to see if I can dampen the light show. People seem to gravitate towards this game, mainly on theme alone. Simple rules that even non-pinheads can follow and feel like they are making progress.

Re-lamped the entire game and added the latest game ROMs, and the game does improve quite a bit.
1 year ago
Great machine by Data East. Loaded with features, scoops, magnets, crane, shaker, factory topper, drops, multiple captive balls. Amazing game, but terrible art, that translate....sheesh. I just ordered an alternate one. Lots of modes to complete, and the 6 ball multiball is crazy, especially when the magnets kick in. Awesome effort by DE, glad to have it in the line up for now.
1 year ago
Game is a blast, and is not your traditional layout. The outer track makes for a smaller playfield overall, and that makes it so the ball comes back fast to the flippers. The garage is a unique toy/feature, buts needs tweaking to avoid SDTM returns. Dale Jr. is the same as NASCAR and Stern's Grand Prix, in terms of rules and layout. I prefer the red colour scheme of the playfield over the other two. Gameplay is good, shot layout is fine, and the light show is good.

Some people are put off by the theme, but that's my only negative at this point.
1 year ago
Interesting game with an odd layout and some unique features. Crazy 5 ball multiball, or the ability to steal a ball when locked, like a newton ball is a cool idea. Amazing playfield artwork, but the continuous sounds and odd speech can really get on your nerves fast. Like the game, not the sound. A turning point in solid state games becoming more advanced with the times.
2 years ago
Fun game, but does not last long in a small collection. Very shallow, but fun to play in small bursts. A by-product of it's time, and one of the weaker system 11's. It's cheesy, and the callouts leave a lot to be desired. Average at best.
2 years ago
Really tight shots on this one. Black widow ramp is a tough one at times, but can be made. Not a fan of only one way to exit out of the pops. And the upper back half of the playfield seems cramped. Still it gets bonus points for the theme, callouts, and dots. Color DMD in this game is also nice. The update kit from Stern is a must to have the game play smoothly. It does take a lot to get this one to play great, but once it's set up, it's really fun.
2 years ago
Fairly good use of the theme. Art package, sounds, and playfield are all tied together nicely. Shots are tight. And game play is challenging. Light show is nice, and the Spike system is interesting. New code is decent enough, and I personally enjoy the layout. Think it gets beat up due to theme.
2 years ago
Holy hell this is a great game. Each song has different objective, and its own set of rules, and the lighting in this is just amazing. Great flow, and a secondary playfield to boot. These music pins are great, and AC/DC is one of the best. Highly recommended.
2 years ago
Gameplay was good, and an interesting layout. Roulette and slot machine are interesting toys, and add a bit to the game. Spin and win is another nice feature on the game. Highly recommend installing the director cut ROMs, as this makes the game more enjoyable. Sounds and call outs get a bit repetitive.
2 years ago
A fun game, that has smooth shots, and is a blast to play. The ability to switch over to an adult mode is great, and gets used a lot when the kids go to bed. Never seen the show, but the rules are easy enough to follow. The exploding safe and dancing strippers are very unique and gets people's attention. Really enjoy this title.
2 years ago
Not a bad game overall. The flow is pretty amazing until you get to the cryoclaw lock. This game is all about ramps and multiball. I loved the movie, and figure I'd love this too. Surprisingly, I didn't like as much as I thought I would. Callouts and music sound great. But after awhile it lost its appeal for me.
2 years ago
Just like Harry himself, this game is tough. The shots are tight, and the ramps are steep. Make sure your flippers are up to par on this one.

Love the artwork and callouts, having Eastwood come back for the pin is great. Multiball start is great, and the DMD animations are nice. Really enjoy this one.
2 years ago
This game is a blast. One of Ritchies most packed games. Mini Playfield is cool, jumping hound dog, magnet assist inner loop, and dancing Elvis, in synch with the music.

This one just puts a smile on your face while playing. Shots are good, and the layout is fantastic. Sound is great, especially for Elvis fans.
2 years ago
A fun game, that mashes previous pin characters into one game. For the most part it works. The dual GI colors really make the game pop in certain modes. Game is fluid, and plays great. Music has some variety, if you don't mind a midi version of Pinball Wizard. Dancing Dummy and the Captain are interesting, and the way they interact with the game is pretty cool. As others have stated, make sure the ramps are in good shape, to fully appreciate them. Nice game for sure.
2 years ago
Cool noir theme. Mixing Clue with pinball is a great idea. This one is a lot of stop and go, but can also play very fast. Game has some unique features, betting and losing all your points on roulette.....can be very risky. Using the center scoop to control the elevator movements is a nice feature, and the start of multiball is a blast. Good lights and sound, and nice DMD animations. I enjoy this game, while friends and family are divided on it. If you get a chance to play one, then check it out.
3 years ago
First Pin 2K, and its brilliant. And update on AFM, as the playfield is very similar and some of the modes are the same, but the monitor does add more depth to it. The virtual targets interact very well with the ball, and the humor in this game is very impressive. I did not enjoy this title when I first tried it, but now that I have it, it easily one of the best/funniest games I have played. "Mars Kneads Women".
3 years ago
I like the Pin 2K set ups, and wish they went further. Star Wars is a dream theme for most, but because this is from the prequels, I find most people write it off. It's true all modes are activated with the center shot, but there is variety, and the gameplay is fun. This has more use for the action buttons, than RFM, and everything sounds and looks great. My gripe with this one is the manual plunge for multiball, which is a pain during the boss battle. Love the looks and sounds of this one, hope this sticks around for awhile.
3 years ago
Easily a fun and enjoyable game. It's nice and bright, and I like the white throughout the entire package. It has a cheesy back glass that screams 80's. The circus theme is wonderful, and the game plays fast. It's quite the challenge to knock down all 16 drops in order, as the pop in the middle makes it very difficult. The many diverters for the back ramp makes keeps you on your toes when it comes to where the ball will come out next. Playfield would really pop with LED's. Would like to own one some day.
3 years ago
Stern's "first" new machine, to remind us pinball is far from dead. But, it's also far from perfect. I can say that even with all the negativity around this game, there is fun to be had. This game is a series of long shots, so you better make sure the flippers are strong and they are needed to get up the steep ramp. The sights and sounds are average, but the game plays great, and the goalie is a great toy on the playfield. Try one, you may like it.
3 years ago
Overall, great package with a dream theme. A nice inviting color scheme, with great sound, and great DMD animation. The game is fast, and very enjoyable. I can see why seasoned players don't like the layout, and I do feel that Temple of Doom and Last Crusade are too close together, but that shouldn't be why the game is rated as it is. I have adjusted the games settings so objectives are not too repetitive, and don't feel like a grinding session. Non-pinheads flock to this one first, and seem to keep going back, again and again throughout the night.

Great Stern pin that deserves to be rated higher.
3 years ago
Under appreciated Lawlor game. Nice variety of shots, and unique layout. Habitrals look nice, and fit the theme well. The troll is ugly, but not a deal breaker, and can easily be swapped for something else. Also great family game, one that the wife will play on her own, and the kids ask to play. We'll see how it holds up over time. But for now, a nice title in my small collection.
3 years ago
Here's an interesting game for sure. The buck toy is great when working, and the use of it is pretty good. The game is very heavy on the multi-ball and the ball times themselves can be very, very quick. So you have to be good at stacking to get high scores on this one. All the call outs and music fit the game well. Originally thought the theme may be off putting for some, but it managed to be one of the most played games at the last family get together. A fun game you don't see very often. Give it a shot, or two, as this one seems to grow on people after a few games.
3 years ago
This is a great theme, despite the negativity towards the game. The game makes me smile and so far has that "just one more time", that most of us are looking for in a pin. The art work reflects the show from that time, and some may consider it ugly, but I find it very bright and fitting for South Park. There call outs are funny, and does have the family setting in case little ones are around. Most shots are easy to make, so this would be great for those looking for an easy game. Not a deep rule set by any means, it's just a fun game to bash the ball around from time to time.
3 years ago
A very hard game, but keeps me coming back for more. This is the whole package, sight, sound and play-ability. Drains come way too fast, and 2 ball multi ball seems like it ends before it even begins. Great feel, and I know I can improve my skills on this one.
3 years ago
Fun machine for sure. The music is very catchy and will get stuck in your head. The color schemes and artwork feel very late 80's, but not as bad as some make it out to be. Nice range of shots, and ramps all over the place. Amazing light show, and good decent call outs. A fun game the family can enjoy.
3 years ago
Great game that is easy to get into. Great use of the pool theme, nice ball lock, and a bright and beautiful playfield. Music is very reminiscent of the 90's, but in a good way. Call outs and DMD animation are very well done. Not a very fast game, but it doesn't need to be. Plays well, and a very strong effort from Capcom. This one gets played alot.
3 years ago
So this game is crazy fast. I enjoy the theme, and pretty much everything about the machine. The sounds and music are great. playfield layout is decent. I love my orbit shots, and this game provides several opportunities due to path diverters. The only slow spot is the glove and moving the ball over to the matrix, which isn't as bad as it seems as it does provide a break from the fast paced gameplay. The ball matrix is a nice touch, and getting to Crazy Bob's to see what award is in which spot is nice.

My only issue right now, is that I don't have the color DMD, but do plan on adding it to the machine later this year. Great game. Try it out.
4 years ago
Great game for the kids. Also gets a lot of play when family/friends are over. Still need to tweek mine, so the rating may change over the next few months. Shots are good, basket and jump ball make good use of magnets. Originally thought the Space Jam modular targets were in odd spots, but are fairly easy to hit, same with the drops. My main complaints would be with the light show and some of the art, mainly the cab art. Decent game that has a bad rap, try one and you may like it.
4 years ago
After getting mine set up and dialed in, this is an amazing pin. With new glo balls, and settings to steel balls this game is fast. So far my only complaint is the drain from the pops, which slows down the flow. But works well during multi ball. The glo balls are lighter, so getting control can be tricky and challenging. Lightning is amazing, but it does need the right environment to be truly appreciated.

A good effort by Sega, and mostly overlooked machine.
4 years ago
I love this game. It's very simple to get into, and it has a nice pace too. Art package is pretty good, and Pam isn't too hard on the eyes. Shots are usually easy to make, and 4 ball multiball is a blast. My only major complaint with this game is that there is no video modes for the DMD.

Terrible movie, but the pin is a blast.
4 years ago
I love this game. And like it's been mentioned before, it has one of the best light shows ever. The backglass is so bad it's good, a product of it's time. The flow feels good and keeps me coming back for one more game. A solid effort from Data East.
5 years ago
I love this one. Played this a lot when it first came out. For an early DMD, this is a great title. Light display is great, even better with an LED kit installed. The rules are straight forward, and it's not as deep as modern titles. Shots are usually easy to make, and the ramps are always fun to hit.

My two complaints about this game, are the cabinet art package, and the video mode when shooting the bad guy with the ball still in play. Very minor to be sure, but it's a blast to play. This is easily one of my most played games.
5 years ago
A highly addictive multi leveled pin. The art work is amazing, and all three playfield are integrated well. With the lower cellar as an inverted playfield. The sound is good for its age, and the lighting in the backbox is amazing, that makes the backglass standout.

Gameplay feels good, and the shots are not overly hard. There's enough to keep players coming back for more. Highly recommended.
5 years ago
I've really been enjoying this machine lately. The art on the playfield is amazing, and the magna save feature is a nice addition, that gives players a second chance. Some of the voice work is good, and the sfx is definitely a product of the 80's, which I enjoy.

With a new playfield and the led upgrade, this game really feels new again. Try it if you come across one, easily one of the better early solid state machines.
5 years ago
An amazing EM. No real rule set, just go for high score. Time tunnel is a cool aspect that still holds up well today. My main issues, are the ball drains way too easily, and the pop up post goes down faster that it does to active it.

The upper and lower gates are also a plus on this title. Like I said, straightforward pinball, with some cool features. Also, the first one added to the collection.

Update: After owning it for a bit, I find the game has grown on me. And is easily one of the most played in the collection. Also draws in friends and family with its old EM sounds.