63-year-old mechanical old guy

By blkwido75

September 27, 2022

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60 days ago

I haven't played in decades last machines I played were back in the late seventies the old mechanical machines. There was even a hole in the glass where the ball popped up in the middle and put a perfectly round hole right in the glass. I was in the military 33 years went into Iraq my last 4 years my last year in Iraq I was hit with an IED and broke all the bones in my body. I spent four years in the hospitals; Germany, France, Mayo Clinic and Walter Reed. So all recreational vehicles of any large caliber are out for me, I've been racking my brain on what Recreation I can do. Living in Minnesota the winters are long up here, And I'm stuck inside all winter long. I thought well a pool table, well right now in the house I'm in I don't have room for one until I move. So I thought hey pinball a pinball machine so I started looking at them wow starting upwards of $25,000 wow. So I kept looking and looking and I didn't want to go back to Mechanical I wanted solid state. And my favorite movie are the superhero movies particularly guardian of the galaxies. I started looking at those and I figured I'll probably be able to get one for a couple thousand dollars well I was wrong. So anyway I've got two to look at maybe three that I'm going to have to pay shipping for looks like it's going to be over $7000 but at least I'll be having fun this winter!

Steven L.

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48 days ago

Steven, first of all, I want to thank you for your years of service. Our country is great because of guys like you.

Pinball is a fantastic hobby, but beware! It's a highly addictive one as well..are you "handy?" (can fix things?) There are hundreds of less-expensive machines (project machines) out there waiting to be fixed. I bought one machine for my wife's birthday a few years back, and now have 20 in the collection! Mostly bought as non-working, or with some problem, and my particular joy is getting them up and running again, more so than playing (I'm pretty lousy at that)-

So, c'mon in and welcome! You have come to a great place for support, information, and links to everything pinball.

32 days ago

Hi Steven owning a pinball machine will keep you on your toes i have a Dr Who that i brought back from the dead it has been playing good but now problem with the mini play field so here we go again still stops me getting bored here in Cyprus where parts are a problem good luck Jim

24 days ago

As you get back in to the hobby, please check out my website PinballPrices.com It's a free price guide to used pinball prices. Thank you for your service.

20 days ago


Recently retired, I decided I needed to outfit my pool room a bit. I have 1970's shop class soldering skills at best, but polished up a bit before I started down the road of a pinball rebuild. I finally picked up a Bally "Fonzie" Eight Ball machine that need TLC, and with the pandemic upon me I decided I would have time to tackle a rebuild. It's the first gen of SS machines and I found a very nice series of vids on Youtube University on how to rebuild this machine from the wall socket straight on through to the flippers. Being a commercial machine where downtime is lost money, you'll find the backbox is loaded with test points to help as you step through. Mine had great backglass and only minor playfield paint loss, so it touched up rather nicely. I learned alot and it was fun to finally hear the chimes at startup!

I hope you find something. I picked up mine semi locally for $850 and put another $400 in parts, paint and decals into it.

Good luck!

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