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55 days ago
This is the best version of the Whoa Nellie retheme to date. Artwork, music, and callouts are fantastic! There were a couple of lewd callouts that would keep one out of my home unless there is a family mode in settings. I played at Cidercade in Dallas, which has a huge lineup of minty maintained A-listers and newest LE’s. I walked right past those and kept playing Primus instead. Highly recommended for those who have a taste for EM/SS play. This won’t disappoint!
3 months ago
I don’t like rating games until I have played them enough to really know a game. After owning for 8 months and putting just over 1000 games on White Water, I think I feel comfortable in rating it now.

This is a one of a kind, never again to be duplicated pinball. Nordman’s ramps and are very well-designed and a blast to shoot. Shots range in difficulty from easy (No Way Out) to medium (Insanity Falls) to tough (Boomerang Bend). For those who say the upper playfield has limited shots, that may be true. But hitting them when you need to? That’s not always the easiest.

This game has it all. Granner did a great job with the sounds and music. The humorous call outs fit perfect with the theme. Great skill shot plunge. The Extra Ball Shot takes precision and guts to hit it. Pop bumpers disguised as boulders. Wet Willie and Big Foot are great characters. The list goes on and on!

If you find one to play, do so. If you have a chance to own one, buy it and don’t look back. WH2O has earned a spot as one of my all-time favorites. Highly recommended.
11 months ago
It took about 2.5 months for things to “click” for me on the Twilight Zone. Now that they have, I can fairly rate it. I’ve always been a big fan of the show, and the game presents it as a pinball very well. The rules aren’t intuitive and it takes a little while to get the game opened up. But once it’s revved up, getting multiballs going, hitting some jackpots, surviving risky shots in the pop can be a rush! It’s stop and go, but in a good way. Allows you to see many animations and enjoy the jackpot sights and sounds. My only wish was that there was more show content represented since there were so many more iconic shows available. Will look to add the TV mod with black and white episode clips to fill this void for me down the road. For now, Ill keep playing it and try to get over the 1 billion point threshold.
1 year ago
Just picked up a second WW. The first go around was early in my pinball collecting a few years back. It kicked my tail and I just didn’t get into it at that time. I couldn’t pass up a very nice HUO recently, so WW is back in the stable. I appreciate the game more now that I am a few years further along in my pinball collecting and playing.

The game requires a soft touch and precision shooting. With no ball save or kickback, one has to be on point from the first plunge through the last drain. Got to hit the shots when they are there. Any miss will require great skills to get the ball back under control. I now see more ways to score than my previous one-dimensional approach of starting 3-ball multi-ball.

I lived in Overland Park KS for 13 years and married a great gal from Kansas. The theme resonates well. Love the “Welcome to Kansas” sign on the translite! The spinners and cloud fan add great elements that really plays into a storm effect.
1 year ago
What a fantastic game! The Martians theme is well done. I enjoy games with longer shots,great flow, and ability to choose which parts of the table to score from. This one checks all the boxes for me. I was fortunate to pick up a copy that was routed it’s entire life by a great operator. It has the usual cosmetic issues (cabinet fade and stroke of luck hole wear) but it plays absolutely perfect! It’s easy to see why it’s one of the highest rated Pinballs and was chosen to be remade. Play and enjoy!
2 years ago
Eight Ball Deluxe is one of the best pinballs ever made. It's a game that can be tough to walk away from with it's "just one more game" feeling everytime. Simple rules, yet hard to consistently achieve. And when that good game hits, it really feels good. For those that have negative things to say about the artwork, one must remember the time frame of when it was realeased. Macho was in and so was country. From Smokey and the Bandit to the Rhinestone Cowboy, this game epitomizes the late 70s into early 80s American pop culture.

Great and challenging features: left "orbit" into the change letter lanes is important to high scoring; Inline drops for the multiplier gets tougher to hit with each one (copied by Metallica, it was so good!); three pop bumpers in the middle makes the action fast and furious; the 1-8/9-15 drop targets with stand ups behind are great; getting up into the 8 ball and saucer is always tough.

Everyone wants the 81 version, but I feel the 84 version looks better with the black backbox trim and black apron. With black legs, looks very classy.
2 years ago
I500 is a very well-produced pinball version of the annual race. Official announcers are the voices and actual racers for the time period are referenced. Game plays fast. Very fast. Having only one shot from the third flipper after owning TS was a downer. Recommended for the racing enthusiast. Parts are hard to find. Hopefully that changes.
2 years ago
Classic Steve Ritchie design. Gets fast at times. Supercharger is neat but just a spectator once ball is in it. Animated driver look like Hank Hill. Fun game in Pinball era when points still meant more than modes in pinball.
3 years ago
Have owned for 4 months now and this game is fantastic! A thinking man's pinball. Fast. Very fast. Two ramps with divertors that turn it into 4. Lots of strategy when deciding which exit point one wants to have the ball go to set up the next shot. There are four key pieces of the games that must be completed to get to Final Battle, then one has to hit every shot on the game to defeat it. Not one bit of wasted space on the playfield and the player can decide on many ways to attack the game for points.

Alternate translite was a godsend to its appearance, as it matches the playfield artwork much better. The cabinet artwork might be the best in all of pinball! Highly recommend.

UPDATE 12-9-2016:
To really enjoy this game, the Luppin Rules settings are a must. Aurich translite gets a ton of credit for making the game look better....Pinsider Luppin's setting adjustments are just as important, if not more so, to get maximum playing fun out of it. If you own The Shadow, you owe it to yourself to search The Shadow Owners Thread and put in the Luppin Rules. Factory settings make it almost impossible to finish some modes. Luppin Rules brings the entire game into realistic play. And not easy! Kudos to Luppin for taking the time to get the settings maximized for play enjoyment!
3 years ago
WCS94 is an excellent execution of the theme. I am a sports fan, especially soccer. World Cup every four years is must see TV for me, both men's and women's. Every element of a real soccer game is integrated into this pinball.

As for the pinball play itself, it is very fun. Ramp shots are satisfying....trying to beat the goalie by missing a moving target is a great challenge...strategy involved to advance the cities to play Germany in the final is excellent...lots of interesting bounces and interesting paths the ball can take are cool....playing germany in the finals has to be one of the best multiball modes ever....the announcer is fantastic!

John Popaduik did a wonderful job here, and Kevin O'Conner artwork is always appreciated! The G-rated theme and the simple goal scoring shot makes this game very approachable for anyone of any age. I find my 10 year old daughter playing more often now, as compared to other more 'mature' themes. This one looks to have some staying power in my small collection at this time. Highly recommended.
4 years ago
The greatest pitch and bat of all time! Will never be's not a Pin, but has the DNA of Williams and Mark Ritchie design.....a great party game and works well in a diverse game room
4 years ago
T2 is a simple game that is a nice break from the deeper games. It has historical significance with DMD pioneering and was first shot in the arm to pinball since Space Shuttle. The game is simple and scoring big means going for super jackpot over and over. A code update with more balanced scoring would be great. Hitting left-right ramp shots over and over feels really good! Going from zero to payback on the ramps without missing is a fun challenge.
Update: after trading T2 away for a WCS94 (no regrets), I will be getting another T2 back someday. I find this game to be a blast to play and fits well in a multiple pin collection. As the only game, it may get repetitive, and now that I have two other pins (WCS94 and TS) I have to have T2 again. Even with great selections in some of the largest barcades in the country, I find myself gravitating back to T2 more often than others. Arnold said he would be back....and he will!!!!
5 years ago
"Who among you shall challenge us?"

This is my first pinball purchase. The throwback music is definitely '80s sound, and is catchy. Two different ramp shots and a classic pop bumper layout. Target walls on both sides are challenging to complete. Getting to the 'Fight the Road Kings' stage lights up the playfield with thunder and lightning, and the time lock with two balls in play really gets the scores going.

This has been a great entry point into the pinball hobby for me. Compared to many other games and their prices out there, this game provides a fantastic value and great bang for the buck. The ball drain on the right does kill a few games sooner than a guy would like, but......'You'll be back, Jack!"