I just bought a 1978 bally playboy -first ever pinball owner.

I just bought a 1978 bally playboy -first ever pinball owner.

By Bladerunner1

February 07, 2018

10 months ago

Well...here I go, this pinball i just picked up was a pinball i use to play back in the day , early 80's. I have not worked on a pinball machine ever but i just picked this one up the other day from a retired marshall in Arizona where i live. Its been in storage, its dusty, very ,very dusty. The playfield is rough in the middle, but all and all it lights up and work. I

I have been purchasing a few parts here and there for cosmetics, but now i need to work on the insides. I could use some help from the pros on this sight and remeber i am a rookie owner, a newbie with semi skills in electronics but no where near some of you on this site. I bought new rubbers, cleaning the playfield up, but whats next. 2 of my pinscore boards are flickering and dont seem to be working right. I did take of the battery and doesnt seem like any corrosion but looking at the pictures i could use some advice on what to purchase first here ...any and all advice is welcome as i really need advice and im so addicted to making this machine the best it can be. 

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9 months ago
See if they have a playfield overlay for the machine. You can pick up new displays from one of the Pinball websites.

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