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2 years ago
Loved it the first 50 games, then it just became meh.
2 years ago
Despite being a Beatles fan, specially of the older and simpler songs, I did not get this pin. After playing 20 games on it trying to like the game play, I just could not do it.
Sad, as I was so much looking forward to this pin.
I have an Elvis pin that I really like, get that instead. And back in the days, you were either a Beatles, Elvis or a Stones fan, and I was a Beatles fan!
4 years ago
First, SM is the only Stern game outside LOTR for me that is a keeper in the pre AC/DC era.
The VE version is way better looking with some improvements (Doc magnet...).
Only 500 made (so it is an LE). Prices at the time of this writing, at least, reflect collect ability.
Again, color DMD is a must.
5 years ago
Such a simple and entertaining game. Yes, you can get too many points if you play the roulette and yes a lot of the shots are easy, but it makes the game so much fun!
Not for you if you are looking at depth, if you a purist and a competition type, if not, then you will walk away having had fun!
8 years ago
Outside of the hole in one repetitive and annoying after a few games. I do not like golf, I guess that does not help.
8 years ago
As old as this game is and as long as I have owned it, I still enjoy it very much. Still able to compete with the fantastic newer games with me. On the other hand, it is a long game and I think to really enjoy its complexity, you really need to own one for a while. Only game I rate as a 10/10. If you think how old the game is, it really is fascinating how durable it has been. Also watch a few episode of the show if you are from a younger generation, makes the game even more enjoyable if you know the cast:))
8 years ago
Almost traded it. Most aggravating to me was to start from scratch after every ball. After about a year of owning it,it started to grow on me. Wish their was an upgrade in rule set.
8 years ago
I just love playing this pin. Old school but I keep on coming back.
9 years ago
Kinda liked the game, but I just was able to find one that was in A plus shape. So much fun. Supercharger is really fun (Steve Richie brought it back in his Stern SW but it is more fun in HSII!).