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5 days ago
Fun game for sure, very underrated pin. The code has come along way and feels loaded with many things to do. I enjoy how it plays different from a typical stern.
1 year ago
Valhalla is definitely a sleeper pin, has great flow with many shots. It has bunch of mechs and scoops to rival sterns and it’s built like a tank. I would recommend to try this pin and enjoy the rocking music.
1 year ago
Fun pin, old schools. Typical EM sweet looking back glass.
2 years ago
I never gave Alice cooper a chance before but after playing it, I had to own it. Definitely a sleeper game has a lot of cool mechs subways and awesome art package. Finding the shots are a bit difficult but make able real fun game I highly recommend giving it a chance you won’t be disappointed. Personally think it’s spooky best game so far.
2 years ago
Fun game, Definitely recommend, Great journey game will keep you entertained for hours. Great mechs altos to do, the thumbs up...
3 years ago
The CE bring a lot more to the table such as better speech, art package is awesome, and trim level is above and beyond. Game shoots smooth as always I own the SE before the CE makes it that much better. One of jjp best shooters there’s a reason I bought this tittle twice, Flippers and slings are a bit week as always with jjp games need to up the power to make them feel better you won’t be let down with this tittle it’s a sleeper don’t be fool, Family’s favorite game from our line up.
3 years ago
beautiful game, great shooter, music and call outs rock you won’t be disappointed
3 years ago
I can finally give a solid review. Great theme, layout has many shots which feel great with risk factor but when your in a flow this thing shoots fast and very satisfying. The GI is color and Playfield art looks super cool total 80s feel. The glider totally gives you many options to feed what ever flipper you want to combo any shot in the game I personally think this feature is underrated.
It’s turtle time........
3 years ago
I’m little late with my review but I have to say great theme, love the light show for being a older pin fits the theme well dark scary, one flaw I can say it’s a little dark so I added 2 spot lights and it’s perfect dark theme.
Added cleland sound mod and wow makes the game so much more feel like your in the show,
rules- what can I say Lyman is the man great code plenty to do, but Definitely keeps you on your toes.
Layout- unique and brutal keeps on your toes in a good way.
Art premium package- is the best of all three specially the trans light with the fish tank heads, playfield art isn’t the greatest but it’s still pretty good.
I highly recommend to give this pin a shot you will enjoy it and make you a better player.
3 years ago
What can I say AC/DC Lucy vault gives you the total package beautiful art work, Fast and smoothest shooter highly recommens. Musics rocks but unfortunately the actual sound is not the great .
3 years ago
Dialed-in shoots great has great flow ever shot feels like butter seriously, artwork looks good code feels complete/satisfying. This pin gets a bad rap for not having a license theme but if you built a great pin you don’t need a license theme gives this game a chance and you won’t regret.
3 years ago
Theme is great, good music, awsome callouts, fresh new layout, it’s difficult but it has you coming for more, spooks really comes through on this pin. Highly Recommend This pin Fun, and addicting.
3 years ago
Game code review on 1.06.
Good theme, pro cabinet and Playfield are beautiful I’m very impressed.
Sound/call outs are poor hate the fake actor voices, but Cleclan sound mode gives it a hole new experience basically saves the game in many ways when it comes to call outs and music. the original music is good no complaints love hearing 80s music.
Gameplay/layout on this pin is Pretty tuff, tight shots specially the rocket shot feels good when you Hit it just as fast, fun pin good flow gets when you start getting to know your shots not a perfect pin but will recommend
4 years ago
Elvira LE is a beautiful looking pin from head to heal, shoots very smoothly nice and open layout very interactive with the call outs has plenty to due with many multiballs to follow, clean direction of shots feels alot like BM66 with a hint of AFM. Elvira is at infancy stage and I can only imagine with Lyman behind the code its only going to be another great contender.
4 years ago
I first played wonka on location and enjoyed very much the gameplay and light shows are beautiful, cabinet is a bit basic but looks super slick and shiny which I was surprise the black trim compliments the hole machine perfectly didn’t even missed the hole wonkavator mech to be honest because it never stops the game flow which I think is better. I pulled the trigger and purchase after receiving wonka at home it’s much more enjoyable and you actually discover wonka is pack with code, shots, and most important fun factor it keeps bringing you back in for more and more. It’s hard to explain but when you play wonka it makes you think/feel it’s easy but don’t be fooled by the time you realize your starting a new game saying to yourself what just happened it gets pretty brutal if your not shaking nudging to save your ball from those out lanes. Great game, highly recommend keep flipping
4 years ago
Just purchase this bad boy and enjoying every minute of it beautiful machine, colors and mechanics.
I originally played it on route was fun but it’s much more enjoyable on a home Environment. Miss the boat on the LE but don’t be Fooled the standard is just a good or better. It plays the same still has the beautiful lighting and all the good stuff you only loose the following star map not useful, invisible glass no biggi, shaker motor no biggi, toys spinning Tom and Devil’s Triangle, other than that you won’t notice a thing oh yeah topper sucks not missing much. Great code, slick Playfield etc, awsome game play.
5 years ago
Deadpool premium has very nice layout, shots, and the fighting style on the lcd monitor with pinball gameplay is a new type of interaction which distracts you from playing actual pinball (not in a bad way) really fun don’t know what to look at Haha the premium play field with drop targets disco ball and full orbit shots are a must. The cabinet art on the premium personally isn’t that great I like the pro art better the music is great the call outs are funny and the code is polished and will only get better as time passes.. family loves it
5 years ago
What can I say purchase and LE The Topper is so good it’s distracting you from actually playing, call outs are awsome shoots smooth Theres a reason why this pin is on the top 3 on Pinside. Super fun, enjoyable can’t go wrong with AFMR New pin with classic gameplay to enjoy for new generations to come.
5 years ago
Great theme, love the call outs, pin art looks looks amazing in person. Code / gameplay is very fun keep you busy and makes you come back for more
5 years ago
Love ghostbusters yes I know the machine kicks my ass everytime but the theme is great love the layout, lights, toys and that shaker motor is a must All my guest plays this pin just because it attracts you and who doesn’t love the ghost with the most.. ooh wait wrong ghost haha
5 years ago
Great pin, great theme little difficult for me since I’m new to this hobby. This is my first new pin I purchase so I highly recommend to any new member thinking of buying it’s well worth it the family loves it

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