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3 years ago
Well, I've had my LE for 4 days now and put several games on it. This is a hard review as I think reading all the negative reviews on the pro over the past month or so may have skewed my overall feeling for the game and made me a bit more picky on small things I normally would have let slide and not bother me. This is my 4th NIB Stern pin.

The game is very fun and I am enjoying it, my family seems to like it. Although I haven't seen them play one game solo. I always have to ask someone to play with me to get them on it. Which is NOT a good sign. Didn't seem they were as excited as I was to get it and only put a few games on it over the past few days. After playing one or two games with me they went back over to IMLE or Metallica... Which was surprising and a bit disappointing to me after dropping +$9k on a new machine for my family to enjoy...

Theme, art, sound and video are great as I LOVE the Munsters, As previous reviewers have stated I believe Stern really needs to up their game on LE's. The clear plastic picture figures don't cut it for this amount of money. They need to 3D print characters and stop these plastic picture inserts. Drop targets would have been nice as well. Also Dragula car is so small you can't even see it... It should have been something more prominent or the machine goes completely dark and a spot light placed on it. The back glass is also a sore spot for me. The game and cabinet are beautiful but I believe the back glass could have had better art. Lily looks like Herman smashed her head down below her shoulder blades... Looks really odd and it is front and center. REALLY bugs me!!!!!

After being extremely excited to get his game it seems a bit mehh to me atm. Hopefully after a few code updates and more time on it, it will grow on me more and hopefully my family.

I will update if my feeling towards the game changes.
4 years ago
I have played about 50 games on my LE so far and this game is INCREDIBLE. I wish I had more time to play more... The only complaint I have is the cabinet art is not as good as the Pro IMO. Was not what I was hoping for when the description read "Battlefield Themed" It's growing on me, but the back glass is a piece of art. Looks great.

The new JBL speakers with the ability to adjust treble and bass make a noticeable difference. Adding a separate subwoofer is a MUST! It literally rocks the house now! Hopefully Stern will upgrade their sound systems going forward. It is a night and day difference. Now my Metallica Pre, TronLE and even GOTGLE sound muted and dull in comparison.

Everything else is top notch on this game. The game is pure fun and keeps me coming back! The premium is going to sell a crap ton of units for Stern! Up the Irons!!!
4 years ago
I have had the game about a week now and cannot stop playing it when I can kick my family off it... I bought an LE and I have to say it is beautiful. The cabinet art, playfield and LE backglass are amazing. The gold trim which I was originally concerned about looks AWESOME! I did purchase the upgraded etched side rails and awaiting those to ship.

Game play is VERY fast, fun and addicting. My family is totally addicted to the theme and logging a ton of play on it. They have even started researching the rules which they have NEVER done for our Metallica Pre or Tron LE. Stern continues to release code containing new content, music and voices. There has been debate here on Pinside about voice actors being used instead of the movie actors. In my own opinion it has made ZERO affect on how I perceive the game. It truly is allot of fun and I don't really notice!!! I continue to look forward to the code progression!

If you like Pinball/Guardians of Galaxy you cannot miss out on this pin!!!
5 years ago
A good friend owns this game and I enjoy playing it while visiting. Really like the sound effects as it brings back memories of playing plenty of vintage Williams arcade games. You hear Joust, Robotron etc... Good game!
5 years ago
This is my first pin. Was looking for a Gorgar for awhile and finally found a good condition machine somewhat local. What can you say this is a piece of pinball history being the first talking pinball machine. I personally like the demonic/D&D theme. Gameplay is good. Ball play is slower than the newer machines and this game is a drain whore... But I like jumping on and playing as it is challenging to get a good score and keep the ball away from the drain. I'm also in the process of upgrading worn out parts and adding LED lighting so it is fun working on it as well.

If you can find one in good condition for a reasonable price jump on it!
5 years ago
Just received my Metallica Premium and couldn't be happier. I was going back and forth between the Pro or Premium and SOOO GLAD I went with the premium. Game is a TON of fun and almost overwhelming with stuff going on!!! Theme, sound effects and of course music are incredible. If you are on the fence about picking this machine up, Jump off and go grab one, you WON'T be disappointed!!!