First contact with pinball machine.

First contact with pinball machine.

By Blackchevy138

January 16, 2019

62 days ago

I was about nine years old when I bicycled to a local gas station about 3 miles from my grandparents. I walked in that Sunday morning looking for the Sunday newspaper for my grandpa. When I saw it!

A fireball 2. I started to play it as fast as I could. I really sucked at it, but after that moment I was stuck on pinball machines. Ever since I have tried to play every pinball that I saw. I started my own collection 15 years ago. And now I have 6 games and looking for my seventh.

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4 days ago
Fireball 2 is some good fun. That was my buddy s 2nd table. Nice play with simple rules leads to a good time.

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