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85 days ago
Fun game from end of the 80s. Good variation in the game and its lastabel over time. Good homegame!
4 months ago
Nice flow in the game. I really enyoyed it. Fast and very accurate. One of the best stern games I’ve played.
4 months ago
Overall a fun game that lasts.
4 months ago
Really tacky game. The deer is so plastic that it hurts. Boring theme. Waste of time playing it...
4 months ago
Really fun game! I really enjoy the setup for this game with all the ramps. It’s really nice details on it with god artwork. If you find it, buy it!
4 months ago
Fun game.Its pretty fast witch I like. It’s not as good as AFM but I like the theme and gimmicks.
4 months ago
Overall a really good game. I think it’s a little bit tacky, like all stern games from this time period. It feels so much cheaper than others Williams/ Bally from the 90s.
8 months ago
This is THE GAME! This has it all. All toys, gimmicks in a perfect harmony with the flow in the game. The Best!
8 months ago
I have owned this game for several years and played it allt. I think the jackpot on multiball mode is quite too tricky. Its really hard to get the two balls up the ramp withouth dropping them.
8 months ago
I think EM games are more or less the same game. Notting special about it exept nice artwork on this one.
1 year ago
Pretty ok game for its age. Its too simple and I think you get tired of it too fast. The game is really nice to look at thou.
12 years ago
Have owned this game since 2004. I really like the theme. The music is cool but could be more variable. It’s a little to easy to get a good score on it. But since I have kids it’s perfect for them and friends that visits and are not pinheads.

Good game and always fun to play.
13 years ago
A real classic! A little bit to easy to get great scores on the pin. But there’s an amazing flow in the game witch I like. Really good theme. Nice graphics and gimmicks.