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7 years ago
Really one of the underrated and underappreciated system 11s. Gets a bad wrap because of the center millions ramps, but I find it fun to activate millions and then keep those shots going and adding up.
I love the capturing of the criminals theme. Skill shot is unique but difficult to master. I LOVE the call outs on this pin and the sound effects coming from the upper topper speaker. The art on the backglass is killer and so is the cab artwork... a lot of detail here (diamond weasel stealing ramps from other pins).
All in all I am really amazed at some of these older pins and just how damn fun they are. Why spend 5k+ on a new stern when you can buy 3 system 11s for that price.
8 years ago
Wow. What a pleasant surprise this pin is. Played one a PAPA and liked it enough to search out a diamond plated one.
First off, if you don't have LEDS in this pin, shame on you. Absolutely beautiful with them in.
For a system 11, it's quite deep in rules. There are 6 "games" you play to spell CASINO for a 2 mil prize. Also there is a progressive jackpot. The roulette wheel is damn fun.
Skill shot is one of the best of all time.
This pin is perhaps one of the MOST underrated I've come across, albeit I'm a bit partial to system 11 pins (the best era ever). The theme song isn't annoying like some say. The attract mode is cool too.. the pin teaches you how to play it, just like Pinbot does.

Staying for awhile!
8 years ago
Found a super nice Elvira. Love the gameplay. One of Nordman's better pins, second behind Wh20 in my book. Wish it had a full orbit shot though.
The artwork on this backglass and pf is second to none. Just amazing. Love the theme and goofy factor involved. Not a huge fan of the boogy men. They look cheap and do nothing.. besides make me laugh, which is good I guess. Maybe something else could've been used in that part of the pf?
Overall a top system 11, if not the top. Up there with Taxi and Pinbot.

EDIT: been playing this thing a ton lately, moreso than my other pins. Just fun. I love going for the jackpot, which is easy to reach, but hard to make. Love the colors on this thing. THIS will not leave anytime soon.
9 years ago
What a sensational DE pin! I love the modes on this one. All very different and fun. The use of the magnets in the center of the pf is awesome too.. not too strong, but not dull either. Just right.
This pin is gorgeous when shopped and ledded out. Just colorful and great looking. The sound/music is killer too. DE's best pin.
The ramps are fluid and satisfying to hit, especially when the left ramp flows to the left shooter lane. Use of the snake pit (think Taxi spinout) is great.

Just love this pin!
9 years ago
Flintstones is a very laid back, fun pin to play. No stress. Just fun.
I love the integration of the smart ramps. Trudeau is genius here. This pin is great for a beginner to play around on too. Very family friendly. Rule set is straight forward and not too deep. Great looking pin with Leds. Seems like the code could use an overhaul.
9 years ago
Generally a Williams fan, but picked this up as I had some cash laying around. Surprised by the fun factor of this pin. I love the metal ramps. No cloudy plastic ramps here. One ramp has a loop-da-loop. Pretty cool.
The flashers/light show is intense. Flashers can be turned down, which I did. Fun, simple modes. Screams for leds in the inserts and gi. The crypt keeper's cackling doesn't bother me. Something about this pin is just plain cool. I'm not a fan of the organ music that goes crazy after you lose a ball. Oh, did I mention it has a shaker motor?
9 years ago
Love The Shadow. So many cool aspects to it: battlefield, player controlled diverters, coolest magnet trick in all of pinball (well, maybe tied with BSD), and great skill shot.
I love the modes and the fact that it's SO difficult to make it to the final battle. Lastibility is great here. The light show is spectacular and this thing needs LEDS for sure.
This pin needs to be dialed in. Some things that need to be just right to operate well: wireform off left ramp--ball can fly off it. Battlefield drop target needs to be flush with pf if in down position or ball will sit in the divet.
Overall a wonderful pin and worth it's asking price these days. Lotta pin in that cab!
9 years ago
Interesting game. The design is so fluid. Great ramps, great light show with some LEDS. So much more going on that making goals, which is what the casual player won't see.
How/when to use the magnet is something I'm still trying to figure out. Nonetheless, I love that it has a magnasave.
The dog on the backglass doesn't bother me at all. Who cares really. It's an excellent, well designed pin. Skill shot is cool, but somewhat luck of the draw.
9 years ago
Johnny is one fast game. The ball zings around the playfield like crazy if it's dialed in correctly.
The modes are cool and the ability to get to a "powerdown" mode that slowly shuts down the pin if you don't make certain shots is genius. Some criticize the slow down of the hand in moving a ball into the matrix, but I don't think it's too bad.
I don't like the way the ball comes out of the pop bumper area. Seems like a design flaw.
All in all, I love the pin.
9 years ago
Picked up a gorgeous example of this pin. The main toy, mist multiball, never gets old. I love the green lights that travel with the mist ball. There are no other toys other than mist. The coffin doesn't do anything besides acting as a virtual lock for balls.
What this game does better than most is draws a player in to play again for a better, higher score. I've only stacked two multiballs so far. The game is difficult and you must use a little strategy to get the modes stacked.
The theme is killer and the sounds are unique and well done. I love the video mode as well. Led this sucker out!
9 years ago
Can't speak highly enough of this rare gem. Just such a fun pin to play. Cool skill shot, which later is utilized in a mode all of it's own. Cool toys. Great volcano shot, which is a bit like the shot thru the pops in Whirlwind en route to the 3 shot combo.
Should've made this one with a shaker motor for the cool volcano eruption for multiball. Never leaving my collection.
11 years ago
Not a bad pin, just not that great. Found it somewhat repetitive in shooting the right ramp. The huge cue ball in the middle of the playfield seems unnecessary as well.

Decent call outs on this though.
11 years ago
Tried to get into this one but just couldn't. Seemed like too much multiball going on and I was just mashing flippers trying to keep the balls in play.

Wasn't bad, just thought it was a chore to play.
11 years ago
Took me awhile to get my HS playable, but once it was, DAMN this is a great game. Such flow with shots!
The ruleset is deep considering it's time. There are a couple different modes you can get to as the game progresses. This game surely builds addrenalin.

I love that you're rewarded with good game play when you "run the red light" and getaway! The start of multiball is kick a$$ to say the least.

Truly a masterpiece.

11 years ago
Black Knight is such a classic... you gotta have it or at least play it a bunch.

The magnasave is such a cool feature that I wish survived moreso today. It adds a lot to the game I feel.

The playfield is great being two levels.. and LEDs are a MUST with this game. I can't stress this enough! Backglass, if found in nice shape is amazing.

I love that the Black Knight has a sense of humor too. It's great when he laughs at your poor magnasave abilities.

11 years ago
Flash. For it's day its a great game.

The General Illumination, if done in blue super bright LEDs adds a visually stunning appearance to an old classic.

The figure 8 ball entrance is really cool.

Flash is a challanging game that is simple and a milestone.
11 years ago
Cyclone is a great game and becoming rare. Especially the ramps.
Hitting the Cyclone ramp jackpot is tough. I've only hit it once and since then haven't come close.

The theme is great for everyone. Kids and non-pinball people seem to be drawn to it. The ferris wheel is always a hit.

The call outs on it are classic indeed.

11 years ago
Ah Taxi!
Perhaps the king of the hill of all system 11s... right up there with Whirlwind perhaps.
The game is pure fun and never seems to grow old. Players love it and newbies have a blast with it. It's the most played pin in my collection.

The sound/music is awesome and the call outs are great. Easy game to understand, but never grows old. Make sure your jackpot bell is working as it adds a lot of excitement to the game. Plus makes the player jump if he doesn't know it's coming.

I love the backglass with the other William's characters on it. One one character is picked up, or he yells out to be picked up, his picture lights.

Overall an amazingly well put together game. It's playability is lasting.


EDIT: Sold my old taxi a few years ago and finally found another. It'll never leave. Taxi is one of the best packages ever on a table. One amazing pin all around. JACKPOT!!!!
11 years ago
Pinbot is a classic and a must have in my opinion. The shots are precise in this game. Reaching the Sun is quite a challenge that make the pin a keeper. I love the progressive jackpot Pinbot has, just like most system 11s. It's great when someone runs it up and then another player nabs it on him. Causes quite an uproar, but in good fun.

The music is some of the best and most unique in all of pinball I feel. It's truly one of a kind and reminds me of riding around in space in a spaceship.

11 years ago
Gorgar was my first pin. After having the boards repaired, it runs great. There is just something about this pin that gets your heartbeat going.... perhaps it's Gorgars heartbeat!
Not many toys on this.. except for the snake pit, which is always great to hit.
Drop targets are key to this game, and making them is important.

I love the red look to this machine and it looks AWESOME in a dark room on attract mode.
I'll never part ways.

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