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7 months ago
This is one of my favorite games of all time. My only knock had been the art package. The 30th has a beautiful copper red armor and light up mirrored back glass with an epic scene. The game looks incredible in person. I’ve played all of Elwin’s layouts in depth and this is neck and neck with Godzilla in terms of flow, gameplay, and layout. Code is well developed which is nice for a NIB. The T-Rex mech is still my favorite mech in pinball. I know the price on this one is on par with new LEs but this game was just too good for me to pass up.
1 year ago
I have this game to play in my home. Initially I felt a little slow but you need to set the pitch pretty steep. When the pitch is set properly, this thing rips and flows well. I was able to effectively hit all the shots on the lower playfield which is a fan layout. I enjoyed having the ability to backhand some of the important shots that start and progress modes. Backhanding the mystery machine is easier than a normal shot for me. I love the center ramp either acting as a traditional ramp or a diverter to the upper playfield if you use the book case diverter. The spinners are super smooth and the left spinner on the lower playfield is my favorite shot in the game.
The upper playfield is definitely a change of pace as the ball slows down compared to the rapid horse shows on the lower. The bookcase flipper is really hard to master for the three lanes on the upper right side. You can’t really cradle and do a calculated shot which keeps it challenging and interesting.
The code is early and the game has another multi-ball coming in the next update which will help with the wow factor that multi-ball modes bring. The modes themselves are already well thought out and require interaction and intention. They’re also timed which adds pressure to the game. Pressure in game is something that makes the competitive of it super exciting. I like the paint mode where you dip your brush with certain shots to paint other lanes and then collect clues. Other modes make you refill oxygen and then hit a few shots, then refill again. That sort of creativity in modes really sets this apart for me.
It’s not a simple game by any means and it’s hard for me to get to unmasking on medium difficulty. I’m an above average player but I’m no tournament guy. I think on easy mode with closed lanes this game could be blown up by someone like me and enjoyed by novice players. Open outlanes and hard mode would make ball times very short.
The art on this machine is stunning. I got standard cabinet and am blown away by how it looks. I think that’s where Spooky really shines as a pinball company. The green sparkle powder coat on the legs, lockdown, and speaker panel are great. The topper looks nice but leaves a little to be desired. The lighting is dull which it seems like they were going for but it doesn’t wow me like the rest of the machine does.
Animations and callouts, well, it’s Scooby Doo and they got the OG series for clips and call outs. You get exactly what you’d expect, which I personally love. What more can you ask for than that and good integration with modes?
Overall, I’m loving the game so far and think this game will be incredible as code continues to develop, and music/callouts continue getting added since they said they have over 4,000. I can’t wait to try out the wizard mode once added. If you’re hesitant about this game, don’t freak out. It sounds like there were some bad apples early in production but that wasn’t my experience at all. This one might be bolted to the floor so the kids have a pinball theme they can love.
P.S. I will edit and update this review and related scores as I get more time and experience with this.
2 years ago
Wow. This one is absolutely mind blowing. The artwork and back glass on LE is breathtaking. The building, magnet, and mechagodzilla are a blast. The ramp, the top loop, the combos, the far left ramp that slows it down just enough. This gameplay is absolutely flawless. The music and call outs are refreshing and not something that will get old. Modes and rules are deep. Lighting is next level good. Insider connected and wifi connections for over the site updates are major bonuses. This is a up of all the greatest features from all the best machines I’ve ever played. This is what pinball needed. Elwin and Yeti team up for an absolute masterpiece. Wife even agrees with me on this for once.
2 years ago
When I first played this machine, I wasn’t thrilled. Boy was I wrong! This one has really grown on me to the point where I love it and play it every time I see one. Elwin games are the smoothest games there are and something you’ve never seen before. The T-Rex head in this game is the best toy I’ve ever seen in pinball. There’s a reason this machine is so high up. The premium far out performs the pro and is an easy choice to splurge on or save some extra money for. I recently ended up buying this machine due to how much it has grown on me. This one is completely bolted down now and looks great next to my AIQ Prem and Deadpool Pro.
2 years ago
Another great new game by Stern. This seems like more of a beginner game as the shots are all pretty simple except for the upper playfield which is over quickly and extremely difficult to control or shoot accurately. I have enjoyed playing this and the pro version of the machine, the ball times get pretty long. Power ups integrated with the action button are cool. I really don’t have anything bad to say other than the theme music for Mandolorian really annoys me, I didn’t use that as an excuse to drop my score below a 9 because I’m sure others will flag my review for not going with a high 9.
2 years ago
This is my favorite theme of any pinball machine. I splurged on my first Spooky after playing this at arcades and shows many times. The flow and rules grew on me and I had to own to deep dive into it. This one is bolted for the long term. Love the art, animations, theme integration, and shots flow better than the one I played in arcade.
2 years ago
Elwin did another great job. This is a high value for your money on the pro version. I mean, 4 flippers, where else do you get that in a pro? The pop bumpers up front on the left are unique, not my favorite but makes it a unique experience and risky left ramp shot. The loops on third flipper are nice. Fourth flipper is not the best in my opinion. The ramp shot is fun and easy to hit. I would say this game is better suited for newer players but it got pretty repetitive for my and balls were lasting too long. If you took this machine and slapped a better theme on it like AC/DC, I would add to my collection in a heart beat.
2 years ago
I really wanted to like this game but the playability at the arcade I was at was terrible. When you hit the raptor pit, it was a perfectly centered drain 100% of the time unless you nudge the machine hard. That’s bad flow and is a skill used to get you out of a bind not to simply play the game as it was designed. Art work is missing the mark by a long shot on the pro model. I’m a major fan of Elwin and love his other two games and the premium version of this machine is a lot better. Pro is a no go for me and I’ll never add it to my collection and will be skipping at at arcades from now on.
2 years ago
This is my favorite game of all time. The pro is absolutely stacked with features and honestly wouldn’t argue if you just slapped a premium label in this thing. The theme is perfect for me, up there with Rick and Morty. The gameplay is smooth and unique. Boss battles are fun and gives the player an experience beyond simply hitting a shot. Animations, music, lighting, art. It’s all phenomenal. Nothing bad to say about this machine. It’s as close to a perfect pinball as I’ve ever seen. This will be a permanent addition to my collection and I’m not looking back.
2 years ago
AC/DC meets pinball to create an amazing experience. The theme and music with this machine is great. The upper playing field you shoot into is different but not over the top cool. Shooting the ball into the jackpot is so rewarding. Artwork is great. I hope to own this machine one day and have a blast playing it every time.
2 years ago
This game can be brutal to play. It is difficult for the casual player and the spinning pizza frequently causes to drain down the middle which is infuriating. The art work is amazing, as I’ve come to expect from Zombie Yeti. The theme is a classic that I grew up with. The spinning pizza is keeping me from loving this game and is the reason I’ll never own it.
2 years ago
This is one of my favorite machines to play next to AIQ. The artwork is in a category of it’s own. The boss battles are fun but a little too easy to initiate in my opinion. The game is mostly smooth but there are a few spots you hit that can drain down the middle and lead to frustration. The toys and voice lines in this game are also top tier. This is the top machine on my wish list.
2 years ago
It took a while but this game is really growing on me. Elwin has been doing great things. I mean… that T-rex toy is one of the best in all of pinball. There are plenty of unique shots, some are super satisfying, some not so much. The art work is underwhelming for me and that’s really the only negative thing I have to say about this game. It seems like a classic in the making and will potentially be in my home down the road.
2 years ago
The flow of this game just doesn’t work for me. Pulling the shooter rod into play sends the ball directly down the center. The game flow is very poor and even when you do hit shots there is little satisfaction to it. The game plays super slow. Everything seems to aim directly back down the middle. The artwork is outstanding but the flippers feel loose compared to other modern machines. I tried giving it multiple chances due to reviews and awards but it’s not for me. It’s near the bottom of my list for pinball machines. *Updated* ratings slightly after initial rating was a little too harsh. Comments and sentiments remain the same.
2 years ago
This game is fast paced and as smooth of a game as I’ve ever played. Hitting multiple ramps in a row feels great. The disc is a great feature and game gives clear instruction on what shots need to be hit throughout. I’ve played many of the new popular machines such as Jurassic Park, GnR, TMNT, Deadpool, etc and had more fun with this game than any of the others. It’s challenging which gives me hope that it will last. The artwork on this machine is stunning and there are mods available to insert on the sides and can enhance the look even further with mods. The captain marvel ramp and shot on the right side of the play field gives the premium and LE versions an edge in depth of shots during gameplay. The theme of Avengers is phenomenal but I wish there were cuts directly from the movie for certain modes and quests. That would put this game at a solid 10/10 home-run. This is the first machine I’ve purchased and couldn’t be happier with it as a casual player.

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