A Lifetime of Enjoyment

By bjm-52

December 02, 2020

51 days ago

Hi all, I can remember long long ago when I was a teenager. I used to go to all the arcade places in and around Perth (is located in Western Australia)

These places were called Timezone, their were stacks of Pinball Machines and Tabletop/Arcade machines and all those other game type skill testers etc  

My early pinball machines were real old school ie: semi digital i think they are called? They mainly were card type games. 
Above where i went to high school/ secondary, there used to be a small shop called Top Shop and it had 2 pinball machines and a tabletop Pac-Man game. 
I used to spend a lot of my time before and after school enjoying these games. I mean really spending a lot of time haha. 
On weekends we generally went into Perth City by train to the Timezone store. A group of mates went in their and pretty much were there all day. 

Once leaving school, i went straight into work and was pretty much forced to get my own place as my parents were selling up the family home.

So adult life took over, i found the love of my life and we got married. 
Our 3 boys came and before you know it, time has flown and I'm now 52. 
I've been thinking about Pinballs and how much fun i had with them back then. Thought why haven't i just bought one? Answer: because everything was and still is clearly about my family not just me. 
so for the past 6 months I've been talking a lot about it. I've given my boys bank details for my "pinball account" so every occasion etc just put what ever you feel like in there for bday n Christmas etc. 

So the boys did, only small amounts. But i didn't care of the size. I just liked the fact that it was happening and it changed from thinking to actually becoming real and possible. 

About 4 weeks ago i invited my wife to come to checkout some pinballs and have a play with me. We went to "KidsJustWannaHaveFun" which is the distributor for pinballs for Western Australia. 
we got there for 9am and i must say, i was pretty excited.
Joe and Angela the owners were wonderful and very engaging. I was like a kid in a candy store and chose a few different Pinballs to play.  
I played Munsters, TMNT and Black Knight sword of rage  LE. 
I think about 3 hours we were there. Went so quick and i really enjoyed it. 
I told Joe i will let him know in the following days, but as we drove off i already knew which pin i wanted for my first. That Topper was outstanding, interactive off the charts. This is what sold me. It really brought the game to life. 
so within the next week or two it should be here.
Can't wait!!!
Thanks for reading my short story. 
I will add photos once BKSOR arrives. 




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50 days ago

Nice story! Be ready for that 1 to turn into 2, 3, 4+! (Especially if the fam likes it too).

47 days ago

Welcome brother! Great time to get back into it as there are so many good pins coming out lately........ make some more room.

47 days ago

Are the plungers on the other side of the table down there? Jk. Glad you’re getting back into it.

24 days ago

Cool story. Cool pinball BKSOR and Steve Ritchie is a legend.

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