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3 years ago
Fast, furious, fun. Has some nice decisions to make and the throbbing bass really "ramps" up the tension. Although it has no ramps. But who cares!
5 years ago
Waaaay more fun than i expected. Fast. Good flow.
5 years ago
Usually don't like widebody but the theme, memories, and challenging modes make this a big winner. Just a beautiful, well put together experience once you find one that is well taken care of.
5 years ago
This game is hard. I rated it low before because i sucked so it seemed not fun. It is very fun but unforgiving and takes practice. Loooove it now
5 years ago
Love this with the continued setup. Theme, shots, humor. All on target!
Cheers Hombres
5 years ago
Blea. I want to lIke it. Have played 3 different ones multiple times and just end up smh. Feels clunky. Oh well. Just not my game.
5 years ago
Pretty table, fun modes and great shots. <3
5 years ago
That head in the shed sucks. Otherwise I love this game !!!!!
Die zombiesssssssszzzz!!!!!!
5 years ago
Love mashing that ship!!! Really nice game with a lot to hit.
5 years ago
It has a giant monkey! I should love it! But I don't.... just doesn't flow. And the randomness of cave exploring makes me angry every time. Blea. Pass.
5 years ago
Played at a pin bar and fell in love. Some was the memories and music but the fast flowing play and multiball modes were also just fun. Liked it enough I bought one. The 1.28 code made it even better.
The speed gives my kids some frustration but they are catching on!
5 years ago
Probably my favorite. The theme is super cheesy but somehow in a good way. Shots are fun. The guys voice makes me laugh and After I play I walk around saying everything like him.
5 years ago
Great fun. Only downside is that it reminds me Peter Jackson made Gimli a twit.
5 years ago
Looks great. Surprisingly fun to play. Nice to have some silly little flippers that pack a punch. Definitely worth a try!
5 years ago
Lives up to the rep! Bashing that gate never gets old. Fun shots all around. Yay MM!
5 years ago
Spent about 45 minutes with this. Pretty machine. Just did not enjoy the play at all. The ball just kind of bonks around. The spinning bat mobile is silly. And not fun kitschy silly. Oh well. A pass for me.