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3 years ago
Hard game but very rewarding.
3 years ago
This is a real players game. Outstanding!
3 years ago
Great theme. Hard game but very satisfying. Definitely not a game that you will get bored with.
5 years ago
Bought this game knowing nothing about it. Wow what a sleeper! Definitely a keeper for me. Sure the theme is unusual but who cares if the game play is that good.
6 years ago
This is an all time classic. Endless fun!
6 years ago
Just can't get into this game. Love the songs but not the game.
6 years ago
I love the theme but find the game quite boring. Endless ball times make this game hard to handle. The high ratings must have something to do with the popular theme.
6 years ago
Without a doubt the best Stern ever made.
6 years ago
Did not expect much when i bought this game. Remembered poorly maintained examples when I was younger. After a mini restoration I must say this game is super fun! Without a doubt one of the best B-titels arround. Also one of the best theme translations into pinball. Great right and left ramp shots and of course that nasty goaly giving me a hard time. It's a keeper in my collection. One of the best value machines available.
6 years ago
I am just hooked on this game and I don't think it will change!
7 years ago
After initial reservation I think this is one of the most fun games ever made. It shows that you do not need super complicated toys and rules to have an excellent game. I just can't stop playing it and that is the best reference for any pinball!
7 years ago
WoW! WoW! WoW! After a few average comments I expected a maybe slightly above average game. I must say I was more than impressed by the whole package. Whether you like Batman or not this game is the most fun I can have on a pinball (excluding AFM)This game lives and breathers multiball which gets harder and harder to achieve as the game progresses. So it satisfies the novice by achieving some of the targets but keeps the more seasoned player entertained and challenged. This is my favourite Stern and I enjoy it much more than Ironman or Lord of the Rings. I sold my Williams IJ to buy it and I will never look back! Go the BATMAN!
7 years ago
I have a number of top ten games in my collection and I have no idea why Elvis gets a low ranking. I think most people have only played old abused and weak arcade machines. With strong flippers it is a balanced game with equal shots for right and left flipper. The additional two flippers get used quite a bit too. The playfield looks beautiful especially with an led upgrade. The music is great and I am not even an Elvis fan. Ranking definitely is not reflected in its price which seems to go up and up. Definitely a keeper for me.
7 years ago
This is one tough game and I LOVE it! I am so glad I purchased this game. I like everything about it except the early drains you tend to get.
8 years ago
Having a number of top ten pins its Baywatch that keeps on drawing me in! Certainly one of the most underrated games on the market. Essential that your flippers are strong and firm otherwise impossible to reach the ultimate target, which by the way is quite disappointing. I have had mine for nearly two years and it is a keeper.