A long time ago, in an arcade far, far away

By bingopodcast

October 08, 2014

7 years ago

It all started before I was born.  My parents enjoyed playing pinball on dates in a small college town.  They carried my older brother in a backpack, and played several Bally and Gottlieb games from the System 80 era. 

I was born a few years later, and my first memory of a pinball machine is standing on my tip-toes playing a Pinbot.  I've always been fascinated with mechanical objects and robots, so this was my dream theme. 

As a teenager, while my buddies put money into the latest video games, I'd be playing the latest pins. My Dad, my brother and I all got hooked on MM when it came out. We would travel to any location around town and play for hours. My Dad was the only one who could consistently earn a replay.

Fast forward to 2008 - I meet an older fellow that has several machines in his home. This gives me the great idea that I can actually own one of these beautiful,complex machines. 

I've since purchased and worked on many machines from all different eras. I'm proud to say that one of them was the same game that my parents looked forward to playing on their college dates. 

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7 years ago

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