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BillySastard's ratings

Pinsider BillySastard has rated 24 machines.

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Rating comments

BillySastard has written 7 rating comments:

3 months ago
Such a smooth playing pin. There's just so many cool things about the pin from the multiple magnets, to the camera, to beautifully flowing ramps. This is only the second pin I've brought home that both my wife and kid like to play.
7 months ago
I bought one new and sold it on a whim. Instantly regretted it. Bought a used one, with butter cab, and will hopefully never have to let it go. Wife, friends and kids all love it. It's also my go-to pin when I only have a few minutes to play.
7 years ago
This is by far my favorite pin right now. I have an external sub hooked up and the music just engulfs you into the game. The Quorra and Gem shots are extremely satisfying when hit, especially during Zuse fast scoring, and of course the identity disc is badass. There's lots of randomness with the ball once it shoots out of the disc. This pin is a modders dream and the best mod is yet to come with Eli's wire ramp mod. I can't say enough good things about this pin.
7 years ago
This is the one game I bought without playing first. Big mistake. I just love the Simpsons show, so I had to have the pin.

I thought the layout was clunky, with too much stop and go. I will say that the upper playfield and couch lock are very well done.

The game sounds were very disappointing. There wasn't any sound or callout that made me laugh, and d'oh frenzy made me want to shut the pin off.

I had this pin for about two months and couldn't wait to sell it. No regrets on letting it go.
7 years ago
My very first pin. I ended up selling it for ACDC and regret it everyday. This pin is just all out fun. The Delta ramp is very satisfying to nail. The subway and dual cannons are a very cool feature. Game sounds are awesome! Who doesn't love Capt. Picards voice?
7 years ago
My very first NIB. Excellent pin if you like ACDC music. Ramps are nice and smooth. The bell and TNT target are both very cool to hit. The lower playfield is fun at first, but gets repetitive after a while, and its only used for three songs. The light show and color changing LEDs add a lot to the pin, especially the multiball lightshow. The rules are very complicated, and had me guessing a lot of the time. All in all a very good game, but it just all of a sudden became boring to me. But, I think someday I will own another ACDC.
7 years ago
Good, but not great game. I think it needs to be in a large collection. It's one of those games that you need to set aside 20 minutes or more because of the long ball times. Sound effects and jackpot callouts are great, POtD and Shire are lame. The rules of course are second to none. I owned this pin for a couple of months and sold it and still have no regrets. Too much stop and go play, and too much Gimli.