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3 years ago
I seldom rate games, but this pin is a blast to play in an home environment.

Turn down the lights and crank the volume up. It would be hard to find a better sound and lighting package on any other pin to date.

The code is remarkably deep with new chapters found with each play. Yes, the ball times can be long, but any player will have to appreciate the effort that was put into this pin.

Fun factor = 10!

Great job JJP on this one.
3 years ago
Stern classic. I had an LE and sold it. 3 years later had to buy another. Great rules and gameplay.
One of my favorite Sterns.
7 years ago
Great game with a deep rule set. It has some pausing moments within game play, but it really doesn't bother me. I love the theme,and am a huge TZ fan. Some of the call outs bring back memories of all those old episodes.
This pin was done in 1993 and it has so much going on within the play field, it really is amazing when you look at it. This game is a definite keeper and will never leave my collection.
TZ belongs in the top 3 for sure, a true classic.
Oh yeah, the POWERBALL is sweeeet, love that about the game!
7 years ago
One of my favorite pins! I've always been a Spidey fan, so adding this machine to my collection made sense. The games are on the longer side, but being that I suck, it makes me feel like I actually am descent.

The black suit multiball is fun to stack with the other multis turning an average score into a unexpected high one with one ball remaining.

Of all the pins I have in my collection, I think I'd miss this one the most. An overall great game!