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74 days ago
I don't know why I like this game, but I've played it many times and always enjoy it. It isn't ground breaking--just a typical fan layout, the flail and shield are moderately fun to hit, hit the knight and get ready for a drain if you aren't careful. Magnasave is worthless in the middle of the lock down bar and the shots are all pretty repetitive--and you'd better place them well or get ready for an immediate drain. All that being said the game is always fun to play for some reason. The callouts are great and the animations are more entertaining than not. Light show is very cool. I guess the sum of the parts all add up to the greater whole--or something. SR did a nice job on this pin without really being very creative.
83 days ago
This pin is a big miss for me. I have played it most every time I've come across it at shows or bars and figured it would get better for me the more I play it. It has not. This game should have been so much better. With any luck at all it would have been KME's first game, and an all-time classic.
4 months ago
Much more fun to play than I was expecting. In fact, I like the layout of this pin much better than the Pro. Some of the shots are a little clunky, but overall this is a fun shooter. The video screen is way too small to add much to the enjoyment of the game. The lack of a cabinet woofer is also greatly missed. This unfortunately was built to a price and a lot of corners were cut. What Stern believes these are worth is no where near what the price point should be given the lack of features and overall quality of materials used. Stern totally missed any demographic who might be interested in this pin (other than a superfan of all things SW). It is too cheaply built and expensive for the serious player, and just plain too expensive for the person who might consider buying a pinball machine for the kids at home. The Force was almost with them...
6 months ago
This game is a real looker, but the gameplay doesn't match the great looks. If someone were to update the code this pin could really be something. As it is it doesn't have a great amount of staying power, but it is very fun to watch. The tube dancer is one of the best toys in all of pinball!
6 months ago
With updated rules this game could really be something. Good theme, lots of fun shots and pretty good rules as they are. Getting to and knocking off the Kingpin isn't easy. The shot to the Lex hotel is the only semi-lame shot, the rest are really pretty good. Great theme, animations and art. Looking forward to the remake to see what they do with it. A few tweaks here and there and this will be close to a classic.
9 months ago
A very stellar effort from DE--maybe their best game. Fun to play, the ramps are cool, good lighting, rockin' music (if you like GnR--I'm only a casual fan). Don't know why we need another GnR, as this one is very good.
10 months ago
Only thing better than a modded Tron Pro, this one. Great game!
10 months ago
For whatever reason I just did not find this as much fun to play as the original. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it was just not as satisfying to hit the shots on this one. The scoop was a little clunky, the ramps didn't seem to have any real speed to them, and the martians just don't jiggle like the originals. Beautiful pin--just gorgeous!
10 months ago
A huge disappointment, not all that fun to shoot, a real brick-fest if you can't always place your shots. The straight-on (and unimaginative) fan layout and lame ramps don't help any. The racetrack is a nice feature, but that alone can't save this one. There really isn't one satisfying shot to hit. Stern SW is a real let down, I prefer the DE Star Wars to this--and that is just a pretty good pin. Too bad this wasn't the Iron Maiden team and layout--it would have been the best selling pin ever.
11 months ago
Great effort from KME and team! The best playing new Stern in a long time due to some fresh thinking by Keith. No matter how far you get in this game, there is always some objective that is just out of reach--which keeps you coming back. I believe the Premium/LE features make that one a better playing and more fun pin, but if I were an operator no way I'd put one of those on route. Not a big Maiden fan, but their music grows on you and fits this pin very well.

Edit: After playing a Pro again, it is a lot less satisfying to play than an LE/Premium. I really miss the sarcophagus lock and the newton balls. Shooting up the middle to "lock" a ball just doesn't get it. If you are on the fence, either pay for the upgrades or never try the full-featured models after buying a Pro--you might not enjoy the differences in scoring.
1 year ago
I have tried to like this one, play it every time I see one as it is such a beautiful looking pin. Wish the play matched the beauty, but it doesn't. The more you play it the more the good looks becomes clutter, and the majority of the shots are just not all that much fun. Reminds me of a J-Pop pin, style over substance. If you were a super fan of all things Ghostbusters I can see how you'd be enamored, but this one is just not for me.
1 year ago
Fun game, I'll play one when I see it on location, but not my thing. If I were a fan of the books and movies, I'm sure this would rate higher for me. Still, Stern has not done any pin quite like this one, and probably never will again unless there is a VE.
1 year ago
Wow. Just wow! What a great effort by both Elwin and Yeti--they both knocked this dead. Believe me when I say that photos do not do the LE justice, none of them bring out the true colors, fine detailing and highlights. There is so much to shoot for/at in this game it is hard to wrap your head around. A players pin and fun for hacks as well. Very fair table, no real cheap drains unless you get a little unlucky. This pin was way too much fun right out of the box and has only improved as Elwin keeps tweaking the code. Most impressive initial Stern code in a long time. There are so many ways to score, and to score even bigger if you are willing to gamble it is mind boggling. I don't think the LE and Premium justify their prices with the extras that are included, but that being said the ball lock features, rising ramp and newton balls do really add to the great play of the pin. So, you pay to play if you want all the features Elwin designed into the pin. To top it off, the LE might just be the best looking LE Stern has brought to market, (and I am not a Maiden fan). Elwin will have trouble topping this, a solid top-five pin, Imo.
1 year ago
Really was expecting to like this one more due to all the hype. It was just OK for me, this one got old fast and I lost interest. Looks to be more fun with multiple players, as you can steal locked balls. Trying to stack up the balls to get multiball going, then hitting those shots again for the jackpot was exciting at first but became repetitive. The upper play field is too big and could have been better utilized, imo, as it really just gets in the way and the shots are nothing special. Try TNA if you find one, as most people like this much more than I do. For sure try one before you buy.
2 years ago
Some of the best artwork ever placed on a backglass or playfield--just beautiful! Great sounds as well. I wish the game played as good as it looks. I was really expecting to like this one, was disappointed initially and came back to it later. It still didn't impress me, nor has it any of the subsequent times I've played it. If I had a big collection I'd buy a Centaur just so I could look and marvel at the art.
2 years ago
Some of the best artwork ever placed on a backglass (at least on the original version) or playfield--just beautiful! Great sounds as well. I wish the game played as good as it looks (discounting the ugly cabinet design). I was really expecting to like this one, was disappointed initially and came back to it later. It still didn't impress me, nor has it any of the subsequent times I've played it. If I had a big collection I'd buy a Centaur (most likely the original--way better design) just so I could look and marvel at it.
2 years ago
I really thought I'd like this one lot more than I did. It is dark, some of the shots are cool, some are not all that much fun, the upper playfield is lame, the toys don't interact much. Sure looks great (what I can see of it), tho...
2 years ago
A complete package--art, theme, music, voice work, effects, good lighting. Not too many pins nailed the theme as well as this one. Perhaps the band would not be my first choice as the best way to bring all these monsters together in one pin, but it does work. I always enjoy playing this one when I find it--this pin is fun every time you play it. Might not have real staying power as it can be repetitive would be the only knock on it.
2 years ago
I'm not a big fan of JPop games, other than admire his ability to create fantastic lighting and colors. This game is just sorta fun, the shots are repetitious tending towards being tedious. Circus theme becomes grating quickly, unless you really like the circus. Make sure you play this game a lot before you buy one--it gets old fast, just like TOM.
2 years ago
Man, this is one tough game! You better be able to place the ball where you want it and be able to feed the upper flipper (then actually be able to hit that shot consistently) if you want to score well. A lot going on in this game and a lot of things to shoot for--but it isn't overwhelming like TZ. Really a great old-style classic pinball game. Very much ahead of the curve for its time, a portent of things to come. Some cool and some tricky shots, good rule set, excellent artwork, very good music, super light show (especially with leds), great sound effects and call outs that fit the game perfectly and really add to the overall experience. Dare I say it, for a Lawlor game this is almost "flow-y"! TZ may be Lawlor's greatest achievement, but Whirlwind may be Lawlor's best game. WW will always keep you coming back for another game.
3 years ago
A beautiful pin, except for the weirder than weird translight. This is one tough game, the risk on a couple of shots does not equal the potential reward. Easier to avoid those shots and shoot for the ramps or up the middle (well, left of middle--SUTM will give you SDTM). Mist multiball is a great trick. As with the rest of the game, it isn't an easy shot to make--but rewarding when you do. Ron Jeremy in the coffin is super weak. I would have done something different with the coffin altogether, like having the lid fly open when all the balls are locked rather than just having Ron take a snooze. I really like the theme of this game, but the game play is so tough I would think twice about owning one. Heck, unless it was on free play I wouldn't drop quarters into it--they go fast. Lighting is dim and dark, but that fits into the theme of the game. Music is pretty good, as are the callouts. If you are looking for a tough and dark-themed horror pin, this is probably the one you seek.
3 years ago
A total sleeper of a game and is a lot better than a good many of the games rated above it. TFTC had been my personal most underrated pin, but this one is an even better game. I initially blew DH off as I was unimpressed with the artwork--even though I am a huge fan of Clint. Once you get past that neo-modern-Stern-looking playfield art and actually play DH, first impressions change quickly. A good balance between makable and more difficult shots, very tough ramps and loops to hit consistently (even though they look easy), multiple cool modes of varying difficulty, several different multi-balls (even one outlane drain multi-ball), super set of rules and rewards, tough wizard mode, great custom callouts and jazzy music make this pin a winner. Even the playfield art starts to make sense after awhile--you kinda get a feel for what O'Connor was going for. Add in the challenging but fun to use pinball-shooting .44 mag and you have the whole hotdog--something that Inspector Callahan likes--a lot! How DH has stayed under the radar for so long is mind bending--I'm sure Oursler himself has wondered how possibly the best game he ever designed is not better regarded. Do yourself a favor, if you find this somewhere step up and make your day, this pin is good!
3 years ago
A relatively fun game and an overall good first effort from Spooky. However, the lighting is too dark and it is impossible to see what is going on in some locations of the game. The ball disappears enough without having to wonder where it went due to poor lighting. The Translite is really lame--could have been so much better with just a little more imagination; the cabinet and playfield art are just OK--nothing that really pops. Voice work is grating after awhile. I did enjoy playing the game and will drop a quarter into it if I find one on location (or more likely just hit the start button at a show). I can only imagine how hard it was to build this machine from the ground up, could have been so much better (just look at the artwork on their next game as an example).
4 years ago
A beautiful game, but not all that much fun to play. Maybe some of the EM guys might like it, but I found it boring after a few balls and gave up on it. I also prefer the original artwork to the changes that Stern made for production. Not a game I'm interested in, but your mileage may vary...
4 years ago
Other than the weak call outs (and monotonous music if you are not into Metallica), this is a really nice game and a lot of fun to play. Metallica fans will love this one (and if I were a fan I'd rate this pin higher). Metallica has great flow, lots of targets to shoot for, cool metal ramps, good use of magnets, love that hammer ball lock trick on the Premium! Well, at least the locking part, it does otherwise obstruct what is going on behind it. Not the end of the world, but that hammer is big. The electric chair toy and corresponding video animation are cool for awhile, then get old/repetitive. However, the multiple shots-banging-into-Sparky-multiball is always fun to obtain. Hitting the snake can also be fun, but a lot of good shots that should stick tend to brick out. Bottom line though--if you are a fan of Metallica and of pinball, you are really gonna want this game. I'll take a pass, but not because this game is not a good one. Now if Dave was still in the band...
5 years ago
The first DE pin I've played that I had to check just to make sure it wasn't made by B/W (it even feels like a B/W pin in your hands--only DE I've ever played that did). This game should have been huge for DE. Maybe the best speaker panel in all of pinball, cool back glass, very nice artwork, fun theme, spiffy lighting, nice shots to be made and OK to very good music. Fun game to play, I'd really like to spend more time with this one. But then, you'd have to be able to actually find one (and in good condition--these are no fun at all when not set up right and working 100%). DE sure took a turn after this game--in the wrong direction. Why did this pin not hit? A mystery...
5 years ago
Great game to stand back and just take it all in. Almost mesmerizing. This game just pops out in the line up and says "Start here, I'm bright and shiny with new ideas--these other pins are not like me..." OK, you got me, but start playing and that all becomes secondary. Poorly placed (and dim) GI, confusing monitor animations, cluttered playfield, slow game play, are all negative distractions. Worst distraction--the ball is hidden from view nearly as often as it is visible (either by playfield objects or by lack of lighting). You think a game like CFTBL has the ball hidden too much at the back of the playfield--wait 'til you play this! There is a lot to do--maybe too much to do. You'd have to really like the theme and be willing to spend a lot of time (and money) to really be able to enjoy more than the beauty of it. And by all means this game is beautiful, but the negatives outweigh the positives for me. If I were a fan of the theme, I'm sure I'd rate this higher. Even so, this one just does not interest me to own or to pop quarters into at the arcade.
5 years ago
I had never been able to get into or understand the excitement surrounding this game the first few times I played it--until I just DID after really putting some serious coin thru it--just me and the machine in a nearly empty arcade. You have to spend more than casual time with TRON to really get it. I played the sparkly and new WOZ right next to it for awhile, lost interest, then really ran some quarters thru TRON--as it just sorta grabbed me! Super fast flow and some really nice ramp and loop shots--some easy, some not so easy, one almost diabolical. No goofy bash toy clogging up the middle and slowing things down--instead there is a nifty spinning (seemingly magnetic--but it isn't) disk positioned to the rear that is fun to shoot for--then be amazed at how much spin it imparts on the ball as it careens around after being spit out at warp speed. Three skill shots to choose from, (although the scoop skill shot is more chance than actual skill). The mood set by the music is fantastic--sound quality way above par (at least with a speaker upgrade), and the callouts are cool and really fit the game. Great lighting, especially when retro led's are filtered into the game. Has the typical look and feel of a Stern and (what now passes for) playfield artwork is somewhat lacking--then perhaps the modern artwork actually adds to the overall futuristic look and playing enjoyment created by this game. TRON is one super cool (and addictive--be warned!) pin, and it is at the top of the class for tasteful modding potential. In fact this high rating is for a modded Tron, I'd knock off a few points for a box stock one. Adding a good powered sub to this pin is a must-have, it takes the lows to a pin shaking level--outstanding!
5 years ago
Just a casual Simpson's fan, which may color my review. I thought the game was generally fun, with a lot of targets to shoot for and lots of shots to make. Then again, it can also be a lot of work--you'd have to spend a lot of time with this game to really understand it. The call outs could have been a lot better, and so could've the toys. The Homer head is cool (but big), the rest of the toys are just OK. The pops toppers are inspired. The upper playfield is almost more annoying than challenging--almost takes the fun out of trying to load up the couch for multiball. One flipper shot up here woulda been plenty. Maybe the flippers on the machines I played just lacked power--not sure. If you are a big Simpson's fan, you are gonna want this game. If you are not, make sure you play one enough to see how much you like it before you buy one.
6 years ago
Before you rate this game--make sure you have played one with ChadH's new code. It turned an OK game into a really good one.

If this game were one made by B/W, it would generally be rated higher than it is now. I don't understand the snobbery, DE and Sega/Stern made some cool games (and some clunkers to be sure)--this is certainly one of their best efforts. The animations are the most outlandish and well depicted of any pin from this era (and well beyond)--really well done. A fun ramp shot on the left, although the left ramp is tough to hit consistently. The right is just really tough to make at all--so every time you do hit this shot it is rewarding. The electric chair scoop and the crypt tombstone shots are very cool, and it's tricky trying to maneuver the ball into the crypt after it opens up--yet another challenging shot. Perhaps not a game for the casual player--certainly not one for you if you are not a fan of TFTC. If the Crypt Keeper keeps you entertained you will love his callouts. If not, his insane cackling might drive you nuts! (with the old code, anyway). I have always enjoyed the zany Keeper and find that his commentary really adds to the game. The play is quick, there are many different, difficult and slippery shots to be made, and the new ruleset is very deep and well thought out. Add in several cool multiball modes--the result is a really enjoyable and quick playing game. Engore if you can make it to the wizard mode--Crypt Jam!

Those who have criticized the game because of all the inane Keeper cackling can now rest easy--it is pretty much gone! I kind of miss it... The refreshed rules, scoring, and new callouts have really taken this game to the next level. You really need to play TFTC with the new code--it just may change your mind. If, like me, you were a fan of the game with the old code, stand by---as ChadH has scored a "Hole in Juan!"
6 years ago
This is a top ten game on most lists. Maybe not as imaginative, well designed and as challenging as some of the other contenders. It is a lot easier to play and to understand--and more fun. The faux British humor can get tiresome and repetitious after awhile (unlike another top five game by the same designer, AFM--to me the most humorous game ever produced), as do the endless ramp loops and castle hits. That being said, it is too much fun hitting and then destroying the castle--even then you are gonna do that a lot--all castles are knocked down the same way. Can get a bit old... The trolls are inspired and the shot to rescue the maiden is always rewarding. More multi-ball variations and jackpot shots than you could ever imagine, I find this part of the game to be a whole lotta fun. All-in-all a very good game.
6 years ago
Love the backglass, one of the best ever. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the playfield art--not a huge fan of it. Great lighting and some of the best call outs ever. This pin is fun for awhile, the carnival atmosphere it creates is very cool. IMO it has not aged all that well--I get bored with it fairly quickly. Maybe if I spent a lot more time on it I'd change my mind, but there are other games I'm on the fence about that I'm much more likely to play rather than this one. I'll always stop and admire the backglass, though.
6 years ago
After spending some time with this one, I can almost understand all the enthusiasm for it. I figured the positive vibrations for AC/DC was mostly from superfans of the band, but I will have to say this is one of the best from Stern pinball I have played. Just a smokin' game with lots of cool shots, expansive rule set, great lighting and sound effects. I'm not sure the lower playfield adds all that much, but it is better than the doofus shot of Angus. I would buy this one for the play (or Metallica) but I'm not a huge fan of the band(s), so that kinda ends that. That being said, take AC/DC out of this game, insert some other powerful live act and it still would stand alone as a great playing pinball machine. Having an electrifying live band like AC/DC as a focal point for this pin just makes it all the more exciting. Would rate this higher if I was a fan of AC/DC, and there were not so many cheap drains.
6 years ago
This one is at the top of most lists for a reason, it is the most creative, difficult, frustrating and complex pin ever built. Unless you spend a lot of time with this game, you'll never get it. Not a game for the casual player, I can understand why these did not initially do well in the arcades. Lawlor threw everything he had at this game--a working gumball machine and clock that distorts time, ceramic "Powerball", four flippers, two magnetic flippers, diverters, scoops and subways. This is a stunning mechanical and sensory overload of a game--a game so complex nothing like it would ever be built again. Deep rule set, not easy to figure out quickly. The only major knock on the game (other than it being stop-and-go) the pop bumper location was a really bad idea and is unfair to the player, even the post fix doesn't fix it--drain city. Rod Serling's commanding voice (although impersonated) is spot on, a dazzling array of cool (and not so cool) mods can be added, super lighting--especially the flasher display--and more. Put a powered sub on this to get a better feel for all of the outstanding sound effects--although even with that the sound quality is just OK. Upgraded speakers really don't help much--go with a sub.

I would like to feel equal to the task, but TZ usually kicks my a$$, or just teases me with an oh-so-close to being a really good game. That one really good game (or getting to Litz on rare occasion) makes it all worthwhile. A lot of fun for a good while, but after having this game for several years I tired of it. Maybe there is just too much to do...
6 years ago
Wow, what a cool game! Way ahead of its time and still a great game today. Call outs are few, but they are spot on and add to the fun of the game. The lighting is well done (this really lights up with colored leds), looping the supercharger is fantastic, and running the red lite and setting off the cop lite is always exciting. Translite and cabinet artwork coulda been a lot better, and just a little more variation of music would be welcomed. None of the negatives detract from the gameplay, though--overall, a fun game that keeps you coming back for more. Get some Hi-Speed (too) if you can!
6 years ago
A fun game to drop some quarters in, but I'm not real big on the whole ST thing. It would follow that I'm not a fan of the artwork and am not blown away by all the ST nuances incorporated into the game a real fan would "get". Not one for my home, but I'd play it anytime I found it--at least for a little while. However, if you happen to be a fan of all things Star Trek, I'm sure you would be jazzed about this one and rate this game much higher than me.
6 years ago
This may be the best of the Pinbot series--it takes Pinbot to a whole new level. A very beautiful looking game with some fun shots, cool lighting effects, sounds, and fun callouts. Some repetitive shots to be made, but the reward almost outweighs the repetition--but not quite. It is always fun to get BoP's head loaded with silver balls and progressing to the next task--finally bringing her to life. I really like this game and would almost be in the market for one if I had the room. The gameplay does get repetitious in a small collection, however, which has always kept me from seriously seeking to own this pin.
6 years ago
One of the best games by Stern. Pretty good art (too bad they didn't use McFarlane's), nice lighting and quick play. This game will stand up to any modern era game and most of the classic ones from B/W. One of the few modern games I would actually consider owning at some point. Could be SR's best game ever--nice work!
6 years ago
If it wasn't for Scared Stiff, I'd probably rate this one higher just because I love Elvira--but SS is a much superior game. I'd only be interested in this one in perfect condition and at a deal too good to pass up (and then pretend I really had a SS). Anything Elvira is cool--a box of Elvira tissues would be cool--but this pin is such a drain monster I think my initial rating is the right one--Scared Stiff is everything this one should have been.
6 years ago
Hmmm..."the next evolution in gaming" (or whatever the slogan was). Close, but no cigar. This game pales in comparison to the game play and fun factor of AFM. RFM was more a medium diagonal shuffle, not a big step forward. Great concept, but some game play got lost in the translation. This machine is almost more fun for the guy looking over your shoulder than it is for you. No way one can watch/enjoy the video screen while attempting to control the ball(s). Too bad, this game coulda been something much cooler... Not that it isn't cool in its own way, but to me it should have taken AFM to the next level, and it did not do that. That all being said, I still play this game whenever I find it--it is fun!
6 years ago
How this pin is is so highly rated baffles me. This is a fun game to navigate, at least in the short term. Then it gets old fast. The play is easy and initially fun, the music and vocal calls add to the game play, the lights are stunning to watch as shots are made or missed. Put a few led's in the backcase and the translite just pops! The ramp shots are fun at first, then get repetitive. The requirement of hitting the chest repeatedly reminds me somewhat of AFM or SS. However, unlike those two games it is not nearly as much fun and quickly gets old to continually thump the chest to start a new magic quest. It is pretty easy to keep a ball in play, this game is forgiving which adds to the fun for non pinball players. If you are adept, you will get bored. Not sure what the pop bumpers do, as the ball more often than not clears without ever hitting one. Magic, perhaps? The different magnet effects are well thought out and add to the game. The best features of the game--the magnets and lights. However, this one gets boring fast, keep that in mind before being mesmerized by all the beauty and buying it. Not a chance this game belongs in the top twenty, it just has too many shortcomings. However that all being said, this game may be worth owning just to watch the light show--spectacular!
6 years ago
A great effort by Lawlor, very creative in making Rudy the focal point of the game. The shots that you need to make are actually somewhat difficult to make, and the game did not flow as well as I thought it would. Rudy's head takes up a lot of room and really tightens up the shots. Still, the carnival theme, effects and Rudy are very cool, I really like those aspects of the game. Might buy one just for that alone and learn how to master it...but nice ones are becoming harder and harder to find. Without FunHouse there would be no TAF or TZ, which are better games--but this one is still plenty entertaining.
6 years ago
One of the games I won't pass up playing if it is available. Anything Elvira automatically invites my full attention! That crate shot was made for me, and any other random flipper--not a lot of skill involved there. Artwork, theme and sound effects are all top notch. Elvira is a total hoot and she really adds to the game. The spinning spider is just OK for me, I'd rather have seen something different on the back glass--the incessant spinning gets old after awhile. But, it is cool to try and stop the spider where you want to--not all that easy! Overall--too much fun, great theme, top notch callouts, really nice pinball package--I'd love to own one!
6 years ago
I love this game and always play it whenever I find it, but I never put too much money in it, this one is not for the casual player. You'd have to spend some time with TAF to understand the shots required to get good at it. Still, if it were affordable I'd buy one just for the theme and overall look alone and gladly spend the time it took to master this game. I certainly understand why this one is so highly respected. The more you play it, the more fun you'll have at it. Great game, rated highly for a reason!
6 years ago
If I could have only one game, this might be it--my only concern is I might tire of it. That being said, if there is one game they should have made 10,000 of, it's this one. Fun, fast, easy to understand, great theme, sound effects and music. Destroying the saucer (with the resultant sound effects) is just too much fun! I almost fall over laughing every time the Martians "Attack!" Too bad this game has become so out of reach----oh least now the remake is available.
6 years ago
This game could have been so much better with just a little more imagination. The initial plunge and resultant "skill shot" are totally lame--and that happens with each and every ball. The clock tower is a hoot and probably the most fun target to hit--"Great Scot!". However, bump the cabinet a nano second after it ejects or you'll watch the ball drain right down the middle! The best aspects of this game are the music and the sound effects. Also a mention for the back glass and flashing lighting underneath it, really nice (although MJ Fox is surely missed. You might get used to the bogus likeness, but whoever did his voice must never had seen the films--really weak). The multi-ball is not too hard to get; "Roads--where we're going we don't need----roads!" Pretty cool kick-off to start it--and the lights all go dim right as the first ball fires off just to keep you off balance! Overall this is a fun game for fans of the films, but not a great game. With another ramp, more targets and a better initial plunge it could have been so much better. That being said, I would think if you were a huge fan of this movie series and of pinball you would probably want this game, it will remind you of what was fun about all three films whenever you see it and turn it on. However, you'd better have some good playing pins in your collection to make up for this one.
6 years ago
This game has the best overall package of any pinball game ever made, IMO. Add the video and speaker panel mods to take this into another realm altogether. Art, sound, music, translite, cabinet, callouts--all superior efforts. You could just turn it on and be satisfied by just watching the lights--but hit "start", as the more you play this game the more you appreciate it. "Finding the Girl" never gets old. When you can top that with a Jackpot--icing on the cake. Throw a couple of balls into the pop bumpers to start Super Jackpot (after spinning in the whirlpool several times to max out the multiplier). If you can accomplish all this and get lucky enough to hit Super Jackpot--no shot in pinball is more satisfying! "Move Your Car" and "Peeper Punch-out" are two of the best modes in any pinball game. This game is a stunner, nothing else is like it.