pinball: seven years later (1978)

By BillVolckening

June 10, 2021

50 days ago

Seven years after playing my first pinball machine, all the coin-op machines were gone from the boathouse at True's Camps in Rangeley, Maine. There was still a ping pong table and a shelf with some old board games. We had Monoploy marathons on rainy days, but otherwise the boathouse no longer had the same appeal as it once did. Back home, our family moved from North Caldwell, N.J., to Moorestown, N.J. We lived down the street from a family who had a boy my age, and they had a complete recreation room inside and a tennis court outside. Can you say spoiled? Jeff and I were fast friends, and we played his brand new Bobby Orr Power Play for hours and hours. My family had a ping pong table and antique nickle slot machine in the basement, but I envied Jeff and his family for having pinball. After that, I didn't see another pinball machine until I went away to school (1980). To be continued...

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