By Billan

July 19, 2020

22 days ago

I have had 5 machines over time (Twilight zone, Lost in space and 3 different Star Trek) but they have been sold due to moving around working in Europe but now am I retired in Algarve/Portugal and want to have a machine again. The problem with Portugal is that pinballs are rare down here and people that can maintain the pinballs are few and the majority are up in Lisboa, so I thought Vpin could be a good option.

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8 days ago
vpins are great. if you put the time into them to tweak them out, you can get them to play very close to the real thing. nothing is like the real thing, but the tech is getting close.
6 hours ago
This. I have a VPIN running 3rd Gen Ryzen with a modest 210 tables all tweaked to perfection on a 4k setup. If done right, and you take your time getting each table and the front end nice, you will have a respectable machine. This is all supported by a fantastic community. I say go for it :)

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