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4 months ago
I have a pro at home but played a few games on the premium for comparison.

Artwork and backglass are killer on the LE and Premium.

I appreciate the katana loop return as the pro was kinda klunkly. This change alone made for better gameplay. Generally more consistent
4 months ago
I can see why this game is rated so highly. The castle mech with bridge was fun and the pop up trolls really packed a lot in for a small space. Ramp and loop shots feel like butter. Wish I got more time to play it.

I'm not sure I think this is the BEST pinball machine ever made but it certainly is good
4 months ago
First time playing this at an arcade I was coached on the rule sets. I got to the iron throne before I left the arcade.

I appreciated the art but the game design was much better than anything else the pin could offer.

I felt like the game modes really fit the houses you payed for.

Shots didn't seem terribly hard and I was honestly suprised as I've never beat a game on day one. I imagine starting on a different house at the beginning may make this more difficult.

Look forward to playing the LE one day.
4 months ago
Probably one of my favorite pinball games ever made. Beautiful. Intuitive. Innovative. Real eye candy.

Wish I could afford to have this in my homepin collection.

Give me a remake!
4 months ago
As much as I love the theme I'm not as big a fan as it seems I should be. This pin was just OK to me. Loved the raptor pen and liked the vehicle mech which makes for a really interesting take on directionally for the game. Clever Elwin!

When compared to Iron Maiden or AIQ this pin looks pretty and plays well but not my cuppa tea.
4 months ago
My second pinball machine. First was iron maiden pro which I loved. Thhi machine has fantastic art, callouts, music shots that just feel great. Family and friends prefered this game to iron maiden due to deadpools easy rules and unique combat style that made game play intuitive.

I have played the premium too and would give it better marks only for tge right return on the katana as the pro model is not consistent.

Highly replayable game that everyone will enjoy.
6 months ago
Bought and played during lockdown. Not sure I could have purchased another single pin that could hold my attention for as long AND make me a better player. I was not a fan of Iron Maiden music before I bought it and it grew on me. I was not a huge fan of the theme but the layout was magnificent.