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BigBangBack's ratings

Pinsider BigBangBack has rated 8 machines.

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Rating comments

BigBangBack has written 5 rating comments:

5 years ago
Great Data East machine, but can become stale after a while. Excellent multiball progression. Smart Missile is a great feature
5 years ago
One of the best ever. Amazing rule set. Stackability that makes for great strategy decisions
5 years ago
Love the shots and the strategy on this machine. It is a very difficult pin but when you dial in your shots and blow it up, it feels amazing. Some huge points payoffs in this game if you do it right. Great stackable modes, and does a great job with the theme. This will be in the collection for a long, long time.
6 years ago
This game kills me. After you get a jackpot in multiball, there is nothing left to do. Same for collecting the 1 million Hurry Up from the drop targets. This game is painfully dull. Good looking game, but a better ruleset would help this game quite a bit.
8 years ago
Super fast, wicked fun, terrific rules. Game offers players many strategies to choose from. I love how going further in modes pays off with huge bonuses. The Matrix clues are a fun way to stay engaged. Multiballs are incredibly challenging because every shot goes right back to flippers in a darn hurry. One of Gomez's best, and personally, I think the theme is pretty neat. Yes, the movie may have been horrific, but if you can look past that and just see an action star with a gun in a sci fi future world against crazy villains, its great. The movie tanking was the best thing to happen because it allowed me to get this machine for a fraction of what it would be if it was a Matrix Trilogy theme or something.