Arcade Kid

By BigB

January 22, 2014

6 years ago

I grew up during the heyday of video games and arcades. I have been hooked since day one! Growing up, I lived at the local arcade. I would do anything to earn a quarter to play my favorite games and just hang out. My first home system was an Atari 2600. Since then, I have owned a lot of different systems but have not been satisfied. The first pin that I played was a Williams Comet. I love this pin! It is my "Holy Grail". After finishing my basement with a family/music/game room, I bought one off of Ebay. You guessed it? I got hosed. I have learned a lot from that mistake and I now own 5 pins of various quality. A NIB, a QC, a refurbished, a players quality, and a TURD! Love them all!! I try to share my passion for the silver ball with everyone that I know. If you are in the neighborhood, give me a shout out and stop by for a few games. Always great to meet fellow Pinsiders. Enjoy........BigB

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