Arcade Expo 5.0

By Big_Bad_Bruce

March 18, 2019

32 days ago

     Well where to Start....My 1st Pinball Expo is Under my Belt. I  made the trip to Banning California from Saskatchewan Canada.  Right from walking through the doors of the Museum I was Greeted by Energy that was Very Contagious.  I was in Awe of all the Pins and Video machines all in one Location.  After a Private Tour by the Curator and a Interview I was invited to join the Tech Team.  This was the beginning of journey that I Never Expected or will ever Forget. 

      I was Welcomed into the Family of Pinball with Open arms. The Friendships that started that day will last forever.  I can't find the right Words to Express How Welcome you all made me feel.  

     Through the 3 days of the Museum Event I was able to participate in lending a hand to whomever needed it. Also to Help Guests with any needs required . 

     The Amount of Knowledge that I got to Experience from all of the other Techs that also Volunteered was Impressive.  There was a Knowledge Base to do Repairs to Every Machine in the Museum...Very Impressive and I Felt Very Honored to be a Part of it. Hats Off to you all. 

    From the Special Guests to the Events in the Theater the Live music the food...Special Thanks to Ken with Cooking for all the Volunteers in all that Wind.  You put on a Great Spread.  

    Museum of Pinball in Banning California I want to say a Big Bad Bruce Thank-you ....BBB...aka Big Bad Bruce 

   PS...I'll be Back...BBB 

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