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25 days ago
What can I say about this game that hasn’t already been said. It #1 for a reason.... it’s AWESOME
4 months ago
Loads of fun. This game is great for a beginner and an experienced player. Fast moving game
4 months ago
This game was great before the latest code and now its even better. Putting the game in "Are you a God?" mode is so great
6 months ago
I love the theme of this game. Everything is nicely done. If you remember the TV show or reruns, you will love this game
1 year ago
This game is fun at first, but soon becomes boring. Very repetitive. Music is annoying. Call outs are annoying. Didnt last long in my game room. The art on this game is really cool.
1 year ago
This game kicks my butt everytime. Super challenging and fast. This game can be discouraging at times, but it makes you try harder d keeps you coming back. The magic mirror feature is so fun, but be ready for it when the ball pops out.
1 year ago
Super fun game and so funny..... if you are a fan of the show, if not you probably don't get the jokes. It's awesome to have Norm Macdonald doing call outs. The game is on the easy side and plays very fast. The layout is unique. However the game get old after awhile with only 1 ramp shot.
1 year ago
This game makes me a better pinball player
1 year ago
Has to be in my top 3 of all time fun games. Artwork on this game is so awesome. Of course Dirty Donny is my favorite artist. It plays really fast and intense. You are out of breath after you are done. I like the hammer feature of the Prem, but like the flow better of the pro. Ive played them all and Im a little bias to the Pro because I own a Pro. I feel for the money the Pro is the way to go. However, there are good deal to be had on the Premium as well. I hardly ever see the LE pop up for sale.
1 year ago
This is a fast moving game. Lots going on. Sounds on this game are a little cheesy, but then again the whole movie and concept behind Last Action Hero are cheesy.
This game is worth the pick up because of everything it has going on in it. Ramps, static ball, drop targets, a crane, scoops, and magnets. Super fun 6 ball multi ball. I would advise getting the latest code rom for this game. It makes a huge difference in the rule set.
Drawbacks, the game is it's fast and it can also end your game fast. Im not a huge fan of the pistol grip shooter. I prefer a shooter rod to control my skill shot. But in this case the pistol grip fits this game. The center of the game is very dark and most people have added lights to brighten it up. The ball eject in the top right corner can be to strong and can make the ball bounce out of the wire form if its not lined up correctly.
All in All, this is one of Data Easts best games, in my opinion. Super under rated. Once you start playing its hard to walk away from.
4 years ago
Gets old quick. Wish it had other features besides roll overs and standing targets
4 years ago
Such a great theme. The kickers are awesome and creates a game that keeps you guessing. Once you master it, it's still fun.
4 years ago
This has got to be one of the best EM games ever. Its a fast moving game. I like that this game say "Special when Star is lit" and not "Special when lit" Lights on this game are really nicely placed. This game is harder than most and keeps you coming back for more. I own this game and will never part with it.