Completing LOTR Fellowship and Weapons

By bhollis

March 13, 2024

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41 days ago

Just picked up my second pin ever LOTR.  The seller provided an excellent condition stock game, everything works great however like most of these pins, the Fellowship dropped their weapons!

For the Ring Wraith, a sword without hilt was inside the cabinet.  All I need to do was heat a staple and embed it into the sword, drill out the models closed hand and insert the staple with rubber cement into the drilled hand.  The repair is perfect.

I have had some experience with FDM printing and came across some STL files that could be tweaked and printed.  My setup is a Prusa Mini with a Slice Engineering Mosquito and 0.2 mm nozzle.  The materials is a gold PLA.  Touch up is with some of my kids Posca markers I had on hand.  I attached them with a Bondic Pro UV Resin Kit from Amazon.

So far the weapons have held up.  I design a pan for Samwise, it seemed appropriate.  I am still needing to make a Uruk-Hai for one of the orcs and a Herugrim for Merry.  I would also like to remake Saruman's staff in a dark gray.

On to another project I have been looking to complete the Fellowship with Gimli, Boromir and Legolas.  The toys used  in this game are from The Armies of Middle Earth and were produced by now defunct Play Along toys.  Luckily I found an out of box excellent condition "missing trio" on ebay.  I placed Gimili on a diverter that I printed to keep the pinball off the Arwen plastic.  Plans are to place Boromir behind Gandalf on a printed platform and a similar plan to put Legolas with Merry and Pippin.  So far so good!

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41 days ago

Pretty sweet.

39 days ago

Very nice work! I'm about to take on the same project for my LotR pin. Did you design your own weapons or find weapons on Thingiverse that fit the bill? I'm looking for a set of Boromir/Legolas/Gimli but want to add them to the areas near their lanes/orbit/VUK if possible. Seems like it's gonna be tricky, though, so I may try what you're planning.

28 days ago

You might already know, but there are rules for the ball falling of the path of the dead and into the shire via the arwin plastic (you get more souls, and this value increases by 50 each time it happens).

28 days ago

Very nice.

23 days ago

You're are lucky yo find those figures. FYI, I placed Boromir on the left sling between Merry and Pippin, whom he defended. With three figures, it balanced the three figures on the right sling. I put Gimli and Legolas on the big aragorn sword hilt.

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