The start of a great addiction

By Bhieken

December 06, 2014

9 years ago

When I was kid I remember playing pinball once in a while on location. Growing up in the 90's I was mostly into video games but I was always intrigued by pinball machines usually attracted by the toys inside. I would put a quarter (or 2) in a machine and remember after quickly draining all 3 balls being disappointed that I never saw the toys do anything ! When I got a little older ( teenager) all there was to do in my town is hang out at the local bowling alley and I got into playing an Adams Family and a Who Dunnit machine. I loved both of those machines and by then I was getting a little better and was having more fun !


The addiction really began when my Dad came home from an auction. In the back of his station wagon he had a 1971 Williams Stardust machine he scored for $50 ! I remember it being the heaviest thing I ever lifted in my life. We played the hell out of that machine. I didn't see my dad during the week ( his work schedule and my school schedule) but I would come home from school to find a note on the table saying " Hey Bri, check out my score on the pinball machine !" He always found time to beat my high score and I worked my ass off to try and top him. ( not sure who had the last high score) . This came to an end when one of the flipper coils burnt out. Instead of fixing it the machine ended up out in the barn and became a place to stack stuff on top of and a nice home to a family of mice.


Over the last 5 years or so I have been playing a lot of MAME and a lot of Visual Pinball . I had a cabaret 60 in 1 cabinet in the second bedroom of our apartment along with visual pinball set up on a pc with an x arcade controller. This was fun but just not enough.


This past summer my fiancee and I finally bought a house with nice finished basement. A nice place to finally have a game room ! After settling in I quickly talked to my Dad and bought the Stardust off him ! I have since fixed the game up to playable condition I have countless hours and counting into this machine. It was great to have my Dad over to play this machine again. The machine that truly got me into pinball. But is one machine enough?

Now that I've had a taste of what its like to work on a machine , like any other addict I need more! A couple weeks ago I came across a 1971 Williams Doodle Bug on Craigslist for $150 !! I couldn't pass it up. This machine is in great shape ( much better condition than the Stardust was ) So working on this one has been a breeze. It looks great next to my Stardust.

Over the years to come I plan on buying / selling / trading and working on ( and playing of course) pinball machines. I can't get enough and I don't see losing interest anytime soon. I love to go out and play machines of all ages but the EM pinball machines are really special to me. I think since I started on EM I will one day buy an early SS then work my way into DMD. I will evolve my hobby in the way pinball has evolved for all of us.

I plan on being active in this forum and posting pictures and trying to help people where I can. I have been reading this forum almost daily for a while now and am happy to become a part of the community.







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