How I got into Pinball Collecting

By bfrosty

December 17, 2016

3 years ago

Greetings all - My story on how I got started collecting Pinballs was started by a visit from my neighbor.  I had just started collecting arcades and repairing them to make playable was something I really enjoyed.  One day, a visit with my neighbor Rob, we chatted about hobbies and told him I had just started repairing old 1980's arcades.  He piped up and said I've got an old pinball machine and don't have time to fix it, you want it for free???  I said, sure!

Later in the week, I finally made it over to his house and saw my first pinball ever (going to be in my basement) a Data East Checkpoint in good shape, playfield a bit worn, DMD was completely out, rubbers needed replacing, light bulbs and a few other minor items.  Fixed it all and then the obsession started.  

Next Pins to acquire were Hyperball by WIlliams, Space Shuttle by Williams, The Simpsons by Data East and just a few weeks ago Pirates of the Caribbean by Stern.

The obsession will continue and hope to pass games onto my Sons and Daughter some day when they have their own place.

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