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6 years ago
I've played all three Star Wars pins and this is by far the most fun and challenging of the three, especially now with the 20th Anniversary 1.04 updated ROM. I went out and purchased the Data East Star Wars last month and have been very happy with it.

Sure, the ramp is positioned in an easy to hit sweet spot and yes, it can be hit 20+ consecutive times, but the new 1.04 ROM prevents it from being your only source for scoring. The new ROM makes hitting all the targets just as important as hitting the ramp and the death star, emphasizing more strategy for high scoring.

Before the new ROM, scoring above 150M was easy, even on the first ball. After I installed the new ROM, the challenge is now breaking 100M. Most importantly, overall skill is now emphasized, not just lucky shots and hitting the ramp and DS.

I'm confused as to why this Star Wars pin is rated as low as it is, or that people have rated it even lower than an 8/10 (maybe on purpose, to keep the demand for this pin low). I've played a few machines on the Pinside top 10, and many more on the top 100 list, and granted each pin is unique in it's own way; however, this pin's a keeper, whether you're a Star Wars fan or not!!!