Make Sure It Fits

By BerwynBob

September 27, 2021

25 days ago

This past weekend I took a long drive to Pick up a Doctor Who machine that had a full resoration. This is one of only two games that I have ever sold or traded since I started collecting in 2001. I my Doctor who because my two young sons were terrified of the Dalek and afraid to go to the basement to play. The game left and I picked up a Williams Bowler which has been a fantastic game, but I missed my Doctor Who. Whenever I attend a sales conference in Vegas, I always visit the Pinball HOF and enjoy a variety of games. Each visit i would play Dr Who and continue to regret letting my game go. This past August a Beautiful Machine came up for sale on Pinside, and the seller was a pleasure with whom to work. He agreed to sell me the game, but he did not offer shipping. We agreed to meet in Lynchberg VA and I would take the game home to Philadelphia.

The Drive to Lynchberg late Friday afternoon was 375 miles and took me through some beautiful areas of the country. The weather was fantastic and all went well as I was guided by my dear friend WAZE. The mountains of Virginia provided a fantastic vista through each mountain peak. I arrived at the Marriott Courtyard with great aticipation of my pending aquisition of my desired Doctor Who. The next morning I rose early with excitement of my pending purchase. The seller arrived with helping hands to unload the game. The machine exceeded my level of expectation and his restoration was just beautiful.

As we loaded the game in my late model Jeep Grand Cherokee, a crisis came upon me. The game did not fit in the back of the Jeep by less than an inch. I never picked up a machine before, as I have always bought them from sellers that shipped or delived the pins. The jeep had been used for arcade machines but never a pin. The seller did not want to get involved in shipping, so I had a major problem. I couldn't leave my car and drive a U haul so I had to make this fit. Driving with the back open was not an option. We finally decided to try turning the machine on it's side and it just cleared the the back hatch by a fraction of an inch. A prayer was answered!

The drive home was smooth as was the removal and setup of the game with the help of my Son. The machine is beautiful and playes very well. I love the game, and my family is also enjoying the game. The moral of the story is always measure before departing. My wifes car has a huge back hatch and would not have been an issue. 

The game will bring me great joy for years to come, and the seller was a pleasure with whom to work, and did a wonderful restoration. I will always make sure what I am buying will fit before departing in the future. Time to go get an Extra Ball. The Daleks are coming... if they fit.


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7 days ago

<whew> Great reminder! Thanks for sharing :)

4 days ago

I sold a Freddy nightmare on elm street one time to a guy that insisted it would fit in his vehicle. I told him to measure three times to be certain he reassured me it would fit. Of course when he got here it didn’t fit.

He wound up having to remove the head to make it fit and unplug everything. What a nightmare.

My advice to every collector is to measure 10 times if you must. Make sure it fits ahead of time. It’s such a pain in the ass for everyone involved if it doesn’t.

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