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8 months ago
Ivve owned it for several months now and and have enjoyed it more than I thought because of all the negative thoughts of it. Build quality is good, flippers feel great like other B/W games. The center Bluto mech takes a beating and usually needs repair. The flipper spring mod in the Bluto mech fixes the lost ball issues. Theme and sounds bring you back to childhood. Probably a 2 to 3 year keeper for me since I'm slow to learn code.
1 year ago
Like many have said it's not as bad as it's reputation. Worst part is the Call Outs and Music. Layout is pretty fun to shoot. The never ending Goalie moving is not that great. Multiball is fun and the shots you need to hit can be challenging. Overall if you can get one at a good price like I did definitely grab it and play it for a while. Lasted 6 months with us. If I come across another one done the road I would pick it up again for another short stay it's not a long time keeper.
3 years ago
The Ms Pacman of Pinball. Sure there are better games but this is a Classic i can always play a few games on. Great flow
6 years ago
Looks great and music is good but just nothing special
7 years ago
The Music is fantastic! Game play is Great and a lot of fun. On my top 3 list for sure I can't wait to add one to our collection.
8 years ago
This pin was more fun than I thought it would be. I like the music and call outs. Flow was good. I would add one to my collection seems like it would not get old, the art work is silly but fun. Just a fun pin to me I enjoy playing it when I can.
8 years ago
Was going to buy one that was in great shape at a decent price even though I never played it just from reviews luckily I didn't. I finally got to play several games on it but it just doesn't keep my interest. Seems like an older game from 87 or something. I have an F14 and that's a way better game. The flow just wasn't there for me. I didn't like the shots, a lot of air balls banging all over the place. Game just didn't do it for me, good for a few plays when ever you see it but I wouldn't want to own it.
8 years ago
I didn't get to play a well maintained machine but it was on free play at an arcade and no one was playing the pins so I got about 45 minutes on it straight. I actually didn't like the game the first couple plays and thought no wonder but after a few games I really got into the game. There are a lot of shots to aim for and the call outs are funny. It got really addictive. I hope I can find a deal on one some day but I can see why it commands top dollar it's a really fun pin.
8 years ago
The machine Looks awesome but i just can't get into the game. A big turn off for me are the sounds and music also they just don't work for me. It's hard to see things on the playfield also. Game just doesn't do it for me.
8 years ago
Awesome game, with a great flow. The color on the playfield really pops,the back glass and cabinet not so much but whatever I'm looking at the playfield when I'm playing a game. I love the claw it's cool to me I won't turn mine off.
8 years ago
Nice classic pin, put yourself it the timeframe the machine was made when you play it and this would have been a top pin and that's obvious by the number of pins they sold . I just added this to my collection and it's a good solid pin to mix in with newer ones. I like the classic play and sounds of this pin .
8 years ago
Really cool game got to play it at a tournament a little while ago then after the tournament I play itForrest quite a bit. Really fun I like the flow and the long shot up the ramp .
8 years ago
This is a really fun game, if you want drop targets man this game has them and there is a captive ball behind the top stack I didn't know about until I saw it's worth a lot of points if you can hit it.
Great fun friendly game I love it!
8 years ago
Boat loads of fun!
8 years ago
This game is just a lot of fun to me. The first time I played it I was hooked I just kept coming back to it at a small arcade with 8 pinball machines this one had me coming back again and again. I love the show and this pinball machine. The flow was great.
8 years ago
This doesn't do it for me the flow isn't right for me and the upper play field doesn't work well.
8 years ago
Good classic layout with some of everything pop bumpers, drop targets, ramps an all around good classic layout.
8 years ago
Awesome game lots of fun. Before I knew the rules it was still fun and easy enough to understand.
8 years ago
Fun game and easy to understand.
8 years ago
This game is Awesome! I've owned it for a few months now and I don't see myself parting ways with it ever unless I find one in better condition to swap with.This game is fast and fun, I find myself firing it early in the morning before work for a few games all the time. You have to be on your toes or the ball will fly past and go right down the drain, even though I know now when that's going to happen most of the times it can still take you by surprise. When those beacons go off and you can get that 4 ball multiball hang on cause they will be coming fast, it Fantastic.
Absolutely a Great Game!

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