Who im I?

Who im I?

By Benboogaard

December 23, 2009

5 years ago

Well my name is Ben. I am 26 years old and a work at a carwash. I am a kind of technical manager.

I started a couple of years ago with repairing pinballs. My first game was a Stern Meteor. After that it whent quick.

Now i am one of the mechanics of the Dutch Pinball Associaton and always trying to learn some more.

I did quite a lot of Gottlieb machines, i realy like this brand of pinball machines. But also i repaired some Williams, Gameplan, Data East and Bally games.

The only thing i still have to learn are EM pinballs, but thank god that we have a good EM teacher in our associaton.

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5 years ago

nice story Ben,

great to have a few people like in a club you can get advice from.

I really digg the older EMs but might try my hand at a few early solid state pins in the near future. I've heard that the GTB sys 1 are the hardest games to fix but perhaps I'll try one?

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