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7 years ago
I don't understand the negative ratings. Is a typical fan layout? NO!!
I love how unique the game is and the shots are hard and rewarding. Dial it in and have a blast..
9 years ago
I love this game..My favorite stern to date and I have owned quite a few..
9 years ago
I love this game. Don't know why. It is simple but yet so much fun. It makes you smile. I hope to never have to sell it. This one is a keeper for me
9 years ago
Just a blast to play. Just sold one and already miss it.. In a bigger collection I would have kept it.
Deep enough for the good players and easy enough for the novice.
9 years ago
Just brought home what I believe to be a HUO BF...I love it so far. I am going to upgrade the flipper coils and will give a better review when that is done..
9 years ago
Just bought one and have to say quite surprised on how fun the game is..The shots are fun and satisfying to make. Great bang for the buck.