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4 months ago
Game plays well, but even with non nude inserts will keep some away from having this pin in home. If you approach and focus on this pins shots, easy and difficult, you’ll find it an enjoyable pin. I love going for the immediate skill shot from the shooter lane to the VUK to the right in-lane that then allows for an immediate shot at the left ramp. Getting this first shot to then allow for the shot at the right ramp, or even go to the opening to the inside of the right ramp to the Grotto is fun. The only undesirable shot, for myself, is when the silver ball comes off of the pop bumpers and comes down between the left ramp and the Centerfold ramp as invariably the ball drains. My assessment of this particular drain shot may or may not be fair as it is based on my HUO pin and I’m not big on nudging my pins much at all, if any. Drains are to be expected as a chance with any pin, but with this PB I think if out on route nudging this drain would require finding the sweet spot so as to not tilt. Overall some may not enjoy this pin if they’re focused solely on the theme, but if you like good skill shots with multiple ramps that gives you different skill shot awards to achieve then you’ll find this an enjoyable pin to play at home or out.
6 months ago
Played an Mando Pro at a Brew Dog location in Central Ohio and enjoyed the play of it. I especially liked the upper playfield with the flippers and action up there. Though played a Pro, I’d be interested in finding a Premium to play to see what I thought of the upper playfield with the tilting action. The theme and play is good, though I think the look of and placement of Grogu is not appealing or to my liking. However since it’s all about the play of a pin for me I’d have to give due consideration to adding this pin to my game room.
6 months ago
Played an IM Pro at a Brew Dog location in Central Ohio and fell in love with the 4 flippers, the ramps, and all the action and shots it provided. While I’m not sold on Rock Band themed pins I have to say that after playing it a couple of times that I fell in love with this pin and would like to add it to my game room.
2 years ago
White Water is the first pinball machine I bought. The game is used and had obviously out on route in a bar because of the cigarette smoke smell we get when opening the coin door or removing the back glass. It played great, but is/was in need of upgrading of old rubber items, replacing of a couple of weak kicker coils, and damaged targets as well. Well that is until a couple of years back when playing it I “tilted” it and the flippers stopped working. Am in the process of replacing parts that I’m capable of. Have replaced the CPU with an MPU (less batteries & holder), as well as the DOT Matrix board. Next up is replacing two bad coils and then moving in to any switches as well as replacing smaller items.

I love the play of the game, and the technical shots shots for the whirlpool, advancing the rafts, etc. The various related sounds for the game enhance its playability, as well as the topper and the lighting behind the back glass for Wet Willie and the others. And lest I forget, getting to make Big Foot spin his head adds to the enjoyment of playing White Water.
2 years ago
I loved playing Playboy back in the day as a teenager, was probably one of the first pinball machines I ever played, and definitely was the one I played the most! A neighbor has this pinball machine and I’ve played it numerous times at his home. I love the upper bumper shots where it can shit the ball back up thru one of the three entrances. It’s always fun to try on the initial shot to drop the ball thru the lit entrance and then get the bumpers to shoot the ball back up thru so that you can work to get all three entrances lit. Really enjoy the challenge of getting all of the drop targets down. For me this is a really great and fun game to play!