Family GameRoom

Written by Beez on March 28th, 2012.


Family GameRoom

Written by Beez, published March 28th, 2012. 4 comment(s).

My family and I never owned a pinball machine growing up in Nashville, Tennessee.  I lived there for about 14 years, moved to Richmond Virginia for 3 year, then moved to Springfield Missouri in the early 90's.  Moved to STL in 2001 then moved back to the Southern Missouri area in 2006.  We moved into a new home with room enough to have a "GameRoom".  The Sterns Monopoly was the first pinball machine that we purchase and we LOVED it.  I was a bit nervous ordering this machine online from an online eBay company as I now believe it was a little overprice but we turned out to have excellent luck.  There were a few things we had to fix but luckly we had a local "pinball guy" that was available to help us.  March 2012 we added a Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine to the GameRoom ... WOW!  This game is awesome!  We have spent many hours on this machine since our purchase and have really enjoyed entering the world of Pinball as a family.  We visited the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame and found our next pin ... Sterns Transformers Combo LE.  This machine sometimes gets a bad rap -- the game is AWESOME.  As the Star Trek Machine tended to be a bit testy mechanically at times we decided to sell it and purchase a new TFLE.  This machine quickly became a family favorite.  Another exciting adventure was the Texas Pinball Festival - our first as a family.  Playing may machines allowed us to try games we had never see before.  Upon returning from the event we decided to change the line up and sold our Monopoly game then purchased a Sega Batman Forever - also a great game - love the ramps and it was in great condition (including the gun).  This was the first game that I decided to really "TINKER" with adding LED's, removing all ramps, attempting a "shop".  This hooked me deeper into this hobby - very fun spending time just me and that machine.  An awesome job opportunity then changed our path - we sold our home and moved into a loft back in St. Louis - due to space this forced us to sell all of our machines with the exception of TFLE.  I believe we will always have room for at least one pin right?!  Well, that one pin changed as we made a trade in Jan 2014 with the TFLE plus a little cash for a Wizard of Oz LE - AWESOME!  This machine has amazed the family and has taken us on an even greater adventure.  The WOZ adventure ended after 6 months ... had to move on to something with more excitement --- I LOVE LUCI !!!  ACDC enters the house in July 2014.  Overall we have had a wonderful time entering the world of pinball and look forward to may years to come.  Excited to see what pinball machines will be in our families future.




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    HELLODEADCITY commented on March 29, 2012 06:14:00

    i see the one pin has already turned into two,
    hey good luck with them both - it's an excellent hobby to be part of

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    kwiKimart commented on March 30, 2012 06:33:38

    You came to the right place. Welcome to Pinside.

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    NimblePin commented on April 01, 2012 08:54:10

    Welcome to the Pinside Beez, hopefully we won't corrupt you too much...
    ; )

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    RWH commented on April 02, 2012 13:01:31

    Welcome to pinside B!

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