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5 years ago
I've been able to play this game a few times around town and love it! Each game is fun and exciting, the flow is really great and I love the theme. Can't wait to play the LE one day as I'm sure that will take it to another level all together.
6 years ago
Beautiful game, solid and fun to play - With the recent updates I'm just beginning to learn all the new shots. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Feels more like a MACHINE that a TOY. Absolutly amazing, I look forward to great years with the Wizard of Oz and JJP.
6 years ago
Great game, very cool looking with lots of great shots and game play. One of the coolest looking games out there.
6 years ago
This game has a lot to offer -
Great skill shots throughout the game - fast and fun.
6 years ago
Great game - love the ramps and shots up the middle. Would love to have in my collection.
6 years ago
Fun game - - this game has many fun shots and the fun factor is very high!
Played many great games on this machine.
6 years ago
Home run!! But Can be hard as hell.
This game has it all -- a true BLAST to play and rock it out !!!
6 years ago
Oddly enough I wasn't a huge fan of this game - it was ok and yes it was fun to play but I just wasn't over the top about it.
6 years ago
Great game - very fun to play -- I will say however after so much hype I could never spend the outrageous prices this game seems to carry with it.
6 years ago
Played this game at TPF --- my favorite of all the "old school" games! An absolute blast - fast, fun and full of excitement!
6 years ago
Very fun - lots of great shots -- probably a game before its time!
6 years ago
The game blows .... Very slow. Boring
I was shocked at how much I did not enjoy this pin.
7 years ago
I played this game at PHOF and I must say that I was a little disappointed ... it just wasn't what I expected. I really wanted to like it - I even had it on my wish list however after playing it I have removed it.
7 years ago
This is a really fun game. I was able to play it in Las Vegas at the Pinball Hall of Fame however the upper flipper was broken so I didn't get the FULL challenge ... Hope to find it somewhere else and continue on the Spider-Man journey.
Played this again at the TPF ... had to up my rating as this game just gets better and better
7 years ago
Went to the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas and found this game ... WOW! With all the games to play my wife and I could not get enough of this game! Great play, fun and fast! I want one !!

I did purchase one however; we just didn't play as much as we thought. We sold it only to find out that it was my wife and sons favorite game ... Might own again in the future.
7 years ago
I love this game - lots of fun, great skill game and the multiball is a lot of fun. This will be a game for the collection. Would love to have this game available to play everyday. ROCKS !!!
7 years ago
This game was fun to play however felt like a "cheap" built machine. The playfield is filled up with toys so the shots are not as hard or fun during the game. Great theme - cool looking pin - but not to own.
7 years ago
This game is ok. I love the 24 theme however I could see this game becoming old if played very often. The playfield is nice and open and does have a good flow.
7 years ago
This is a fun game. The playfield is a little tight at times however; it works good with the game. Not a TOP rock star game for me but with the Star Wars theme it is still a lot of fun.
7 years ago
In a word .... AWESOME !!!!!
This game rocks. I love everything about it and wouldn't change much. This was the 2nd Pinball machine that we added to our family game room and WOW has it been a hit. The playfield is great - from the speed, to the 6 multiball variations, incredible sound, lighting and just pure FUN FACTOR I personally think this was the best machine Williams ever built. I gave this some of my my TOP ratings - The ONLY thing that I might have changed slightly in the theme was adding the Borg cube to the game instead of the Borg ship and I was struggling to come up with that because like I said ... In a word ... AWESOME !!!
7 years ago
LOVE THIS GAME -- this was the first Pinball machine that my family and I purchased (2010). We love the Monopoly themed games so we thought this would be a great machine. Guess what ... it was! Fun, fast and totally keeps you coming back for more. If you are ever thinking about buying a machine and enjoy the Monopoly theme then this is a must have for your collection. All pinball machines can't be in the Top 25 but this game should be in the Top 50 at the very least!