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Arcade Dreams! Documentary on 100-year history of arcade games/pinball...

By BeeGeeMtl

November 02, 2020

26 days ago

For those interested in documentaries about the history of arcade games + pinball, I'm proud to announce my involvement as executive producer on ARCADE DREAMS (, an upcoming radical new series that tells the complete story of arcades and arcade games from the early 1900s to today and beyond. The team behind it includes the director of "Viva Amiga" and we just recently launched our KICKSTARTER campaign ( which includes cool exclusives from legendary artists like Rich Davies, ZombieYeti and others.

We've already shot over 40% of the documentary and we expect to include interviews with such good folk as Gary Stern, the Sharpes, Jack Danger, Doc Mack, George Gomez and many others, who you can see here: Without rambling on for too long, please check out our official trailer and if you wanna support our efforts and the film, please feel free to be a part of it via Kickstarter here:

Oh and here's a cool SEGA-based video that IMOTO ARCADE helped us create for IGN, just to give you an idea of where this is all headed.

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22 days ago

Yes...yes...YES!!! This looks amazing. I'm very much looking forward to seeing this documentary, which is probably something I've never said before in my life. Very nice production values in display here. Following...

21 days ago

Following :)

19 days ago

I loved King of Kong,Chasing Ghosts,Man Vs Snake,Special When lit and the Atari E.T. Story. Very much looking forward to seeing this!

15 days ago

Very cool and looking forward to it - always great to hear some of the untold stories from behind the scenes ... and get a little nostalgic

10 days ago

I just donated to the kickstarter. Now the story can be told.

9 days ago

Yes! Back it voor $49,- Great project....still 60% to go. Come on Pinsiders....back it!!!

8 days ago

We are understandably stoked about this.

5 days ago

We are 2/3 of the way towards our Kickstarter goal, with 11 days left.

Kickstarter analytics project that we will reach our target.

Please help us reach our objective and many thanks to all who have contributed. Kudos to Robin for highlighting Arcade Dreams here on Pinside!

5 days ago

I am posting the Arcade Dreams documentary film KICKSTARTER links again because we are down to the final 11 days (it began on 10/21/2020). This Kickstarter has raised almost $73,000 thus far. The goal is $95,000.
My Pinsider friends will recall that I'm a producer and advisor on this documentary. Support of this Kickstarter at any of the levels is greatly appreciated. Check out the link to see what you get! Many thanks to Robin for headlining Arcade Dreams on Pinside!

Arcade Dreams is an exhilarating new documentary from the creators of VIVA AMIGA. This new film explores all that is fun about arcades, straight from the mouths of designers, curators, collectors, historians, celebrity fans, operators, restorers, enthusiasts, arcade/pinball fanatics and industry legends. . .

This film is going to bring considerable attention to our fantastic hobby. Feel free to share.
Here are the links:
Kickstarter -
Homepage -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -
YouTube -

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