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2 years ago
Yep, its up here for a reason.
3 years ago
I put in about 3 hours of game time on DP at Arcade Legacy in Cincy. The game was fun, but i don't like the inconsistency of the right orbit/ramp shot. It basically felt like a coin toss to me, nail the shot it could make the turn, up the ramp no problem or just as likely bounce off a pop and back down to the flippers. On the other hand you could hit a weak shot and the ball could make the turn and gently up the ramp, or bounce off the scoop.
3 years ago
Fun pin, i think it could become repetitive in a home environment. Great pin for a friendly competition.
4 years ago
Powerdown wizard mode keeps bringing me back for more!
4 years ago
Ratings are for 1.56 cleland code, new code makes a huge difference and updated sound is great.
5 years ago
The downfall was the miniplayfield for me, it took up a ton of space like GOT but the tiny pinball was so small it created airballs constantly.
5 years ago
Played a few games on 5/30/16 at the Logan arcade in chicago, the game was fun but very challenging, between the Truedeau gap, and the slings shooting the ball down the outlanes this pin gave me the TWD feel. The pin is loaded for a pro model, with tons of shots, pop up targets and great ramps it was fun but will take some time to learn the rules.
5 years ago
I think the pro is more fan than the LE, the mini playfield on the LE just slows down the gameplay. I have two issues with the pin bringing down my rating, first the flashing lights in some modes make the ball nearly impossible to see in a semi-dark room, second the lack of variation in the fan layout of the game just seems too repetitive. It seems like the rules were put in place to offset the repetitiveness, but it still feels lacking.
5 years ago
Just couldn't get into this pin. I enjoy most widebody games, but with this one the shots just didn't seem rewarding and felt very repetitive.
5 years ago
The original artwork, audio, and shot layout make this game amazing. Metallica can certainly be a challenging game, but stacking playfield multipliers and hitting pics for add-a-ball feels so rewarding it always brings me back for another game.
5 years ago
Running the v6 code from PinballCode makes a big difference, random mode start (not always starting with stampede) alone is worth the update.