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10 years ago
this is probably the best pro from stern yet, best bang for the buck. game play is 95% like the premium/le.
i went with the pro because there is no way you can justify the price difference for the le/premium just for blings.
game is fast, flow is perfect, and like me if you like to mods your game yourself, this is it!
11 years ago
i had some doubts about the pro, man how wrong i was.
package is incredible, steve ritchie did wonders here, the game is perfect!!!
faster than the LE, no doubt! ok i don't get the mini playfield and i don't really care for it or drop targets but it's ok. but i have to agree i'll miss the light show from the LE.
i can mod the game as much as the LE and the way i want. won't have any problems with that foggy, cracked, fisheyes, bumpy lower window. what a pain it will be to change that playfield because of that window. main reason i went with the pro.
pro or LE, this is one of the best pin to come out in the last decade!
11 years ago
don't understand why it's so low.
this game is a bang for the buck. i'll put that game in front of a lot of pins, game is fun, flow is great and fast, multiballs not too hard to get, sound is good, thats a pin that anybody can enjoy.
i have to agree artwork could have been better, playfield and backglass, and that blue... damn!
11 years ago
one of the best data east pinball. we had two at the garage now it's gone, don't think i will ever get another one. fun game, cool toy, rules are ok for this game, some people find it hard, i don't.
12 years ago
game is in the office garage for the past month.
i have to agree with most, after a while the game is repetitive and borderline boring.
it feels like the game was not 100% finished. but the game animations, sounds, artwork and look is pretty damn good and it's a very fun game.
it's on my wishlist but won't go crazy if i don't own one.
12 years ago
what can i say, at first i was wondering why everybody wanted to have one, after one game i knew why, speach, lightshow, gameplay, the beauty of the machine, it's all there, some people don't like the gamerules, i can't say it's true since i'll have to own one so i can judge by myself.
After a few games i had to put it on my wanted list.
12 years ago
played the game a few times, loved it at the first ball.
fantastic game to own, next on my list, do they take a kidney for it?
12 years ago
Got one in my collection, it's a fun game simple and not hard to understand, i don't play the game as much as i use too, but still like it.
for what it was when it came out, it was a good game, multiballs, speach, toys (if we can it it that).
with todays parts available, plastic, playfield etc... this can be a very nice pin to own.
12 years ago
was amazed at the gamerules, game is harder then i tought, artwork is very nice.
why is it so low in the rating compared to other games?
one of the best early ss game.
12 years ago
was great when it came out, 20 years + later... booooooooooooring!
12 years ago
neh, not for me, ramp, ramp, ramp, whats the big thing about this game?
12 years ago
this machine was ahead of its time, 5 balls multiballs in 1981 was amazing and still is in 2012.
artwork is dark but also great, the multiball possibilities are great, the game is adictive, sound for this period is was great, with the reverb (when working).
overall, this is a great machine to have in a collection of early ss.
12 years ago
played the machine a lot in the office garage, it's a blood pumping action machine but after a while it gets repetitive also kind of a ball drainer, zz top la grange is a good song but in this machine... damn.

artwork is average, sound is good, music is fun for the new player but boring after a while.
machine is now sold and i don't miss it.
12 years ago
why is this game is so high?
game does nothing for me, but i do have to say artwork is pretty damn good!
12 years ago
had the game, had to make some choices for space (out of 10 pins) for an other pin, no hesitation... bye.
i really don't understand why people go crazy over this pin, not much to do, shoot for the ramp, shoot for the ramps, shoot for the ramp... this is got to be the worst background drumbeat ever on any machine, the game is so easy, first time you play the machine you knew right away what to do, turn the light red and yes... shoot the ramp.
i've tryed every set up hard very hard, replay almost (99%) everytime, no challenge for me, i like hard game, something special, this game was not for me!
12 years ago
at first i had doubt about it but the more a play the better it gets.
package is great, rule is amazing, there is so much to do it never ends.
when i was offered the machine i accepted right away, no hesitation.
will not leave my collection.
12 years ago
played the machine and seriously i don't understand whats the big hype about?
not gonna say the machine is bad or boring, but it does absolutly nothing to me!
after a while, the music gets on my nerves.

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