In the beginning, there was Pinball

By beachcitypinball

July 09, 2012

This story got featured on July 09, 2012

10 years ago

Started with Pong in the 70's, arcade junkie thru my entire childhood until most went bust and finding any game video or pinball was limited to bowling alleys and pizza parlors. When an Atari Asteroids was given to me in 87' I was hooked on the idea of owning my own arcade... Beach City Pinball was born.

Spending time buying/aquiring every game I could, my knowledge (and playing skills) grew and grew. Over time I began donating

video and pinball machines to local kids groups, Four H clubs, Church events, AA halls, Moose Lodges and so on attempting to keep the spirt ofthe arcade alive.

At the turn of the century my focused was strickly on pinball machines. So many poor conditioned machines out there, the ability to restore them to their original beauty and playability became my goal, my passion. A pinball machine is not just coin slot, wooden box with lights & sound... It's a work of Art. Every one telling it's own story.

With an aptitude for electonics and backgrown in studio art & carpentry I have privately restored more than 200 works of art in the last decade and that is just the beginning.

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10 years ago

Welcome to Pinside beachcitypinball. You should fit in well here on Pinside. Many here enjoy cleaning & fixing pinball machines as much as playing them. Sounds like you have been generous giving some to local clubs/orgs so that others can have fun playing pinball.

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