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4 years ago
Just purchased NIB Pro version and albeit some tweaking and Slimer issues I really love this Stern pin. I'm not the biggest Stern follower and the new SPIKE system has it's +/- going for it but when your put an artwork package that's top to bottom insanely awesome couple with and iconic movie such as GB with actor call outs and music ...way to go with this one Stern! I'll add I LOVE the huge space between flippers, the challenge is superb and folks who (own) and have less than stellar pin skills players in the family... well, they'll be learning how to control shots instead of simply ball smashing, what it was meant to be (call out to LOTR with 45mins on ball 1, then 2 on although it's still my 2nd fav Stern)
8 years ago
Whoa! Talk about an under rated pin... got as a trade, was a bit reluctant having never experienced this machine. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Top Rating Pin, should sit nicely next to my Williams IJ -only cons are the translite design is not my favorite and that there are Not More of these out there so everyone can experience that great pin! A+ in Fun
9 years ago
Boy o' boy I wanted to love this pinball. I'm a huge horror fan and was very excited to get my BSD project up and running. By the time my restoration was complete I was ready to jump in and get it on! At first I just could not get into it, a bit cheesy and voice overs are on the tedious side. Then after several hours of "testing" time (my favorite part of restoration work) I found I was not able to leave it alone, a little tweaking here and there and with a lot of light modifications I'm now hooked! Especially after hitting 635,000,000 points, this pins is a sleeper.. lightning fast multi-balls -really very exhilarating once you understand the rule set. I see why this is rated so high and it's not just that "mist" multi-ball feature (which is pretty cool though)

Definitely a pinball to keep in your private collection!
9 years ago
One of the better DE pins.. This would definitely pull in quarters at the local pizza parlor. I have one of these at the home town Kiwanis Club they use for charity events and the kids just love it. Personally the shaker motor is over used to the point of distraction but it's easy enough to turn off. Sounds are good but the back ground music gets a bit much. My higher rating is due to it being a DE but has the feel of a quality pin and it really looks great next to other W/B machines.
9 years ago
Black Knight is the 1st game to make me fall in Love with PINBALL! In the 80's I would sit at the local beach arcade and play for hours only to run home to get some more quarters from my mom hightail it back to that pin and play some more.

I see a few "naysayers" leaving low scores due to disliking the audio effects? Best to keep in mind that that technology was in it's infancy and with BK's solid and fast gameplay, Multi-Level Playfield, Magna-Save feature and Bonus Ball that inadequacy is more than made up for. Besides, who can shun a game that mocks you with a sinister chuckle once you drain the ball after a really hot session.

If you check out the other known sites you'll see this commands a much higher rating, in my game room it always pulls in the crowd.
9 years ago
I find this to be a stunning pin and love anything ELVIS so this opinion is defiantly bias!! Cabinet art with the deep red and blacks make this more of a center piece pin. Excellent color choices used on the pin.

Whereas the game design could have been arranged better to make for better flow and more challenging the game theme with actual songs sung by the King himself and the little toy Elvis shaking his hips and mic to the tune is just flat cool.
9 years ago
You don't have to be a fan of the SST movie to enjoy this pin. Plenty of action, enjoyable layout with the animated "Warrior Bug" as my favorite. Only gripe is with the Brain Bug outline interfering with the ball flow at times and a bit too many toys for show that do nothing. Great machine for some custom mods.
10 years ago
What's to say, huge pinball machine that sports H.R. Giger type artwork. If nothing else this should be in every "Alien" fan's home. Not the best player machine as the table is to open with little to do, but again this is a super cool looking pin ...a piece of art with that 80" pin flow.
10 years ago
Like others, I was skeptical to own this due to the expensive display. And not 3 days after I brought it home, the darn thing went out on me! As it turned out I found myself playing this over and over, I'm addicted and I can't even see the display. Widebody that is nicely laid out with a great wire ramp set up, it can slow down the game some but when that ball goes shooting around past the arch into the middle of the table, man that's cool! Bat cannon could have more targets to shoot at but also cool! Theme is dead on, real actor voice shout outs, this game makes me miss when Batman was that less than serious almost spoofy character oppose to the new Dark Knight. This will stay in my collection for a long while..
10 years ago
I give this high marks for looping and ramps, but that sums up the game. You don't have to be an extreme sports fan to enjoy the fast paced play of this machine but it can get a little repetitive. Nice video mode, love the color scheme and it has a talking skull... guess that says it all.
10 years ago
Update: 7/15/13 -owned this from it's release date and have no plans of letting it leave my collection. Fantastic and Challenging, even the PS Staff have it at 8.8!! -love you nay Sayers who pop a few quarters in at the arcade and then rate it poor with 2 whole words in your comments -This is a complicated pin folks with a strong rule set!! You can get very little very little out of it if you only play a few times. This is for home owners private collections

Original Comments:
My opinion might be a bit clouded as I was a huge fan of the Transformers when I was a kid and whereas the movies could have been written better this themed pin has really grown on me. It's hard to own multiple modern machines by Stern.. game-play and design tends to be so similar to one another. Yet, I find myself flipping the switch to play this daily and when I'm done I step back for a moment just to watch the light show. Except for the translite, this is much better than the typical "cut n' past" artwork Stern's been putting out. Good game flow with minimal toys, which is a great thing judging by the cheese Optimus Prime. Once folks get to know this machine it's really going to climb the ladder.

I need to ad that after reading the newer mixed ratings from folks who haven't owned but 1 or 2 pinball machines yet rate 40+ of them only after popping a few quarters in a game at the corner pizza parlor... take some more time getting to know these pins, God bless freedom of opinion but when you (no names) rate LOTR a 5.9, DM 3.0 or AFM at 4.7 and leave a five word comment somewhat racy in nature with no comprehensive explanation as to why so harsh, it really doesn't help people form a proper opinion.
10 years ago
I like the theme of this, it's a bit underrated because it has a little of that DE cheese to it but the artwork, sounds and music makes this one of the better designs by them. Playfield is open, and can drain balls if not set up correctly but when it is it's fast and fun.
10 years ago
Extremely fun and unique game play. Playfield is well laid out, hat skill shot with the twisted rail ramp is one of a kind. Has great flow and tons of shot options, and the toys aren't gimmicky. The screened artwork on the cabinet is top notch, the colors really stand out from the other pinball machine in my collection. These rarely come up for sale, if you can find one... grab it!