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1 year ago
This game is a rush. I did not play GBP without the new code, but with how fast this game is the ball saves included with the new code seam very fair. The only reason this game does not get a perfect ten in my book is the engineering flaw with how much the ball jumps around the playfield when missing the left ramp shot. There are mods to correct this issue, but if basing this review off the original design the random flying balls can definitely disrupt game play. Otherwise a perfect game and in my opinion well worth the extra cost in comparison to the pro model. I can't see it ever leaving my collection.
1 year ago
It's hard to drive by my local watering hole where this machine currently lives and not stop to get in a few games. Although it can be tough with drains, there is not much more satisfying then hitting multiple loops on the left ramp. Love the call outs and the accuracy with incorporating the scenes from the movies. I have yet to play the premium model, but for a Pro this game does not disappoint. Hope to make a part of my collection soon.
1 year ago
It's all been said before, but I have to reiterate how Challenging and fun this game is. Yes, it can be frustrating with quick drains off a missed left ramp shot, but so satisfying when hitting those ramp shots and controlling the direction with the second flipper buttons. Great upper playfield and sanctum lock is awesome.
1 year ago
I have owned this game for a few weeks now and love it. Super fun combos. Incredible flow. Tough to master the shots so far, but keeps pulling me back for one more game time and time again.
1 year ago
First Pin ever purchased; will always be a part of my collection. Nothing about playing TZ gets old.
1 year ago
Great pin. Not that into the theme, but other than that, the overall game play and layout is awesome. Challenging shots, great multi-ball, and Red and Ted make for talkative companions with funny call-outs as you make your way across the map.