Steel Balls

Steel Balls

By ballbaron

October 26, 2017

11 months ago

I don't guess I qualify as a pinballer in the true sense of things. I started a supply business years ago that catered to people who were interested in paracord crafting. Many of them, myself included, needed a source for cores to put into the 'Monkey Fists' we made and since I used to work at a bearing plant, I became a source.

Several years ago I made a spot market purchase on some very high grade balls and one of the sizes was a 1-1/16 inch. mrgregb123 bought some of these from me and he made comments on here about them. Since that moment my business paradyme has shifted because I realized that many of you have questions about magnetic memory and quality of ball surface. I hope to be able to answer any questions some of you might have and when I restock on the ball that will replace the Samurai G-10 that I had, you will have a source for the new Ninja Ball.

That's how I got here and I hope that you'll let me share my knowledge of metals and make suggestions on what to use and how to save money getting it.

I'm happy to be here and I look forward to integrating with the community...let's roll!

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10 months ago
It's great to have a someone like you to turn to for the finer points. Thanks, I hope you stick around!

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