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1 year ago
One of my top 5. Can't get enough of this weird wild ride. Quick and unpredictable.
1 year ago
Owned this one for three years. Not a terribly challenging machine. Kind of limited in appeal. Multi-ball and Vs. modes were great fun but just an OK machine.
1 year ago
I really wish they could’ve secured photo rights for this backglass. The cartoon look isn’t my favorite. But it’s a wild ride with tons of options. Not the hardest game out there but still one of my favorites.
1 year ago
I really don’t like the artwork. Too cartoony for my taste. But the game has variety and challenge. I go back every time I see it.
1 year ago
I’m no pro but it’s a fun game. Sometimes the JJ machines feel “thrown together”. Not stable. But there is a lot to do and I haven’t done it all.
1 year ago
I’m missing something here I know it. So many love it. Perhaps I’m just a crappy player.
1 year ago
One of my favorites. Never tire of playing. A bit glitchy at times. But when it’s firing on all cylinders I love it.
1 year ago
Meh. Not a bad machine but a bit repetitive. Very dark too.
1 year ago
I do own this. So perhaps I’m biased. But it’s fast and fun. The left ramp is tricky and that keeps it challenging. Plus if you’re a fan of Maiden, you’ll never tire of the tunes. One year in and still haven’t cracked all its codes.
1 year ago
This machine is excellent. Not an owner just a fan. Tons of shots in varying levels of difficulty.
1 year ago
It’s just not intuitive where the next shot is supposed to go. Otherwise a very good machine.