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3 years ago
Ok, now that I have had Batman for a while, I wanted to ad a review, overall it is a simple game to understand, most people that play it understand it quickly. I was lucky to come across custom sound and music software that made a HUGE difference in the game with real call outs from the movies. Game can be fast, stacking up multiballs can really drive up your score, my high score is 403Mil. I have had the game for about 5 months in a collection of 10, I still find myself going to this one first, it has great flow, I have made it to the wizard mode 2 times, missed beating that by one character. You have to change the toys in the machine with the Movie Master toys, makes a big difference, I also added 2 face and Bane to mine, and catwoman on the batpod to the left of the Joker reveal, I also changed that Joker to a bobble head Joker to make the reveal more interesting. The cabinet and backglass look fantastic, shaker does add to the game, I recommend it.. For experienced players it might be a bit on the easy side, but overall I really enjoy it, and was lucky to get a great deal on a HUO one, I plan on this game staying in my collection for a long time!
3 years ago
Dredd is a great title that you can still find at a reasonable price, the game is unique in there are no pop bumpers on the game, I would put this machine into a dark comedy category, there is some great humor in this machine, the theme is well integrated, and it is challenging, I had the game for years, it was one that was always part of my collection, I no longer have it, as I have played it so much, I do not find myself wanting to play it anymore, but it is still one of my favorite games ever...

I highly recommend this title!
3 years ago
Some people refer to Shadow as an underrated machine, it is very rare to read a bad opinion on this game, overall it is fast, challenging, well tied to the theme, the diverters and magnet wall drop are fantastic, Having a great game on the Shadow makes you really feel like you accomplished something, and beating the final battle... well, when I finally do I will let you know... Some people have issues with the translite, personally it never bothered me, I think it is fine.. Shadow would also be a great game if you were to only have one game, as it is very challenging, and once you play it, you will want to play it again and again..
3 years ago
This game is much better than it gets credit for, there is a ton going on, the movie was so so, but they did a great job with the theme on this one, lots of ramps, and challenges in the game, oversized DMD, fast, and just a fun game to play, with easy to understand rules, it is great for beginners and a challenge to beat for seasoned players, best Sega ever, and deserves more credit than it gets, I can see a point where this game is 5K to get one..
3 years ago
I recommend this game highly for anyone who just wants to play and have fun! The game is simple enough, and it is basically a beat your best score type of game.. you do not have to THINK or learn what you need to do, it is very simple, and a NICE example plays fast and has a lot of good flow, good sounds and anyone can play and enjoy it.. It is still around for 1K, which is amazing.. condition of course, location etc.. can make a difference on the price.. overall if you want a fast fun game without a bunch of learning what you have to do, LW3 is great!
4 years ago
Still available are reasonable prices, many do not like the translite, personally it does not bother me, it is not great, but it is ok.. The gameplay is fantastic, VERY good job tying it to the movie, adult roms installed make the game even more fun, as it ads some new sound bites, and adult language (this was an R rated movie).. Gameplay is fast, there are many shots to master, so it never gets old.. Games really needs to be shopped correctly and dialed in well to get the full effect of the game. I would recommend this title to anyone, great for a first pin, as there is a lot to do, it is challenging and will not get old quickly
5 years ago
I was really surprised how good this game turned out to be.. Based on ratings I never really looked at it, but when a local one came up for sale, I bought it, shopped it, and have really gotten into it.. Not a deep game, it actually looks simple, but I have yet to complete it.. Sega's do not get much love, but I have actually really enjoyed most of them, looking forward to trying others down the road where I can! Plus it's star wars.. Leia chocking Jabba.. I just find it a real fun game, that you do not have to think about.. just play and enjoy!