Repair? What repair?

By BackAlleySFXLab

February 12, 2023

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39 days ago

     I have always had a way with repairs and color matching.  In fact, if anything ever has to be done using hands and it is artistic, I am your girl. I starting my artistic journey as a child making reproductions of the Star Wars Cantina band using playdoh. Many times in my life I was told no you can't do something, because I'm a small woman. I love making those people eat those words. :) I have created large props as well as small props for theatres, movies, commercials, and now a pinball company.  My team and I manufactured and painted the mods for the Legends of Valhalla pinball game. That was my introduction to the pinball community.  I was so amazed at what a community the pinball gaming world is.  As I went to Expo's and spoke with people I realized that there may be a place for me here. I've been told by many people sometimes it's really hard to find the old mods. I would love to use my color matching and repair skills to help make some of these games fresh again. I can aslo sculpt and manufacture new, original, never before seen mods. If you have an idea, send me an email, or give us a call.

     I started my color matching and repair journey working at Hollywood Blvd. Cinema, Bar, and Eatery, I started there as a waitress.  A position as Maintenance Worker, became available, and I knew I was more than capable of doing the job. I went to the owner and told him I wanted the job.  He said those words I Love to hear, "I don't want to sound sexist, but you're small and you're a woman".  I smiled and said, "Yes I am and I Know I can do this."  He told me he'd give me 2 weeks to show what I could do.  Not only did I show him I could do it, but I turned that position into an In-House Artist position by proving my artistic chops at the same time.  13+ years later I was able to make, repair, and create pieces for 2 of his movie theaters and a restaurant. Color matching and repairing pieces that were newer to pieces that were 100+ years old and making them look new again. Including bringing a Blues Brothers car back to life. So, if you have a mod on your pinball game that looks beat-up or is broken, you can count on my team and I to get it looking new again.  If by chance we can't repair the original, because it's missing a piece, don't worry.  We can scuplt and recast from the original, giving you a new piece.  We can even antique the piece to make it look like it still fits in with the old game.  Send me an email with a pic and give us a call, I'm sure we can make your pieces look good as new.  Thank you for your time and Have a Great Rest of Your Day. 

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