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From a single black widow to a room (and a storage unit) full of arcade equipment

By azpinguy

April 02, 2016

4 years ago

It all started in Massachusetts in 1988 when I saw a listiing in the Want Advertizer for a black widow (a color XY upright arcade game like Star Wars or Tempest) It was like $75 from some op who just wanted it gone.. Then I found a defender (broken for $20 at a yard sale). I should mention that I moved these games in a 1978 Plymouth TC3. That is a very small hatch back car! They hung way out of the back! So that was my start into into arcade collecting. Fast forwared 10 years; I had moved to Phoenix, and purchased a home with an unused formal living / dining room so space was no problem at than point. Fast forward to 1998. Most people thought I had a serious problem... I had 40 upright cabinets. Including Dragon's Lair, Mach 3, Tempest, Star Wars, Ms Pacman, Track and field, Gorf, Robotron, Stargate, Joust, Burgertime, Total Carnage, Rampage World Tour, etc... Ok you get the idea. It was a full blown arcade in my home. One day I was at a Family fun center that was going out of business, and I picked up two pinballs that were a total basket case mess. (for $150 Best deal ever) A R911 with a missing helicoptor, and a TFTC that had the playfield glass broken, a bad bridge rectifier, and missing parts incuding the translite... That was it.. I was bitten. I started liquidating the valuable arcade games and trading / buying project pinballs.. R911 was not a favorite so it was sold. I purchased TZ, traded Dragon's Lair for The Shadow... Purchased a few affordable (at the time) titles. Like Judge Dredd and F14. Then in 2004 I got the bug to buy a NIB TSPP. As of the last few years there is no extra space. So I sold a TOTAN and WW to make space which I regret,and a Dr Dude which I am OK with... I always wanted a MM but could never justify the price... These days I'm really wanting a WOZ, I was stoked about Predator, but alas it wasn't to be...


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